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Technical Revamp

In this 4-week program we will give you lift variations and programming cues that will facilitate specific attention to detail on the most important aspects of each lift. Get on the road to better technique now!

$ 34.99
Peak Program - Olympic Weightlifting

This 8-week Peak Program will not only give you the right volume, but give you variations to hone in your technique to hit a that massive total on the day of competition!

$ 49.99
Strong Legs Program

The 8-week long Strong Legs Program will hammer your squats, building a ridiculously strong base that will carry over to all your other lifts. Get ready to squat a ton and build those massive legs!

$ 49.99
Perfect Catch Program

The 4-week Perfect Catch Program is designed to develop a consistent catch that you can depend on. Be confident when you throw the bar overhead that it will be in the perfect position by using the specific variations built into this program.

$ 34.99
Coming Off A Peak - Olympic Weightlifting

This 4-week post-peak program will help you build back a base so that you can realign towards your goals and conquer whatever training lies ahead!

$ 34.99
Jerk Improvement Program

With the 4-week Jerk Improvement Program we will drive home catching in a stable position in your jerk, strengthening everything from your abs on the dip to a massive drive, to a consistent catch overhead!

$ 34.99
How to Get Faster Speed Program

12-week program to increase speed by developing mechanics and building power

$ 59.99
Agile and Hostile 8 Week Agility Program

8-week program to develop quickness, cutting speed, and acceleration on the field

$ 49.99
Vertical Jump Manifesto

12 week to improve explosive power to build a massive jumping ability to become a freak athlete

$ 69.99
Wrestling Pre Season 12-Week Program

12-week pre-season strength program to develop power, mat strength, and endurance leading up to the season

$ 59.99
In-Season Wrestling Program

12-week program to maintain the strength you built during the off-season and convert it to explosive power

$ 59.99
Wrestling Strength Program

Monthly strength programs focused on building strength endurance, power, and an iron grip

$ 34.99
Lineman Trench Speed Program

4-week program to build speed and power off of the line specifically built for offensive and defensive lineman

$ 39.99
Lineman In-Season Program

10-week strength program to maintain the strength you built on the off-season and dial in speed and power

$ 59.99
Bench Enhancement Football Lineman Program

4 week program to increase combine reps and blow up your bench one rep max

$ 39.99
Plateau Breaker - Advanced Bench Press Program

12-week program that will break your bench press PR and increase your functional power

$ 59.99
Football Strength Program

Monthly strength programs that will prepare you to be powerful and fast on the field

$ 34.99
Off Season Basketball

Get strength gains to increase your vertical jump and quickness off season

$ 29.99
Baseball In-Season Program

Build speed and hitting power with our specific baseball strength program

$ 24.99
Baseball In-Season Program

Break through plateaus and put serious weight on your bench press in only 8 weeks

$ 24.99

The GhostFace Program

Dane Miller's personal monthly program focused on bodybuilding and weight loss

From $34.99

Mass Builder Program

12-week program to make incredible lean muscle gains by following our intense 5 day a week program AND nutrition meal plan.


Arm Targeting Program

A 12 Week Program to slaughter your arms and Abolish Sleevery


Kids In-Home Program

A 4-week strength development program for kids that can be done in your own home!


Beginner Rebuild Program

The perfect general strength program for getting back in shape after a hiatus


Custom Programming

Custom programs designed to cater specifically to your needs as an athlete or any fitness and strength goals you have

From $99

Silver Membership

Olympic lifting custom programs where Garage Strength coaches will work directly with you online to build your totals

From $99

Gold Membership

Get custom programming from gym owner Dane Miller. He will coach and motivate you to reach your weightlifting goals

From $250

Custom Nutrition Plan

Whether you are cutting, bulking, or maintaining, we will write you a nutrition plan to optimize your performance.

From $149