Do you slow cutting on the field?

Cutting faster. Increasing your acceleration. Changing direction on a dime. Beating your opponents off the line. These are all abilities you will develop on the Agile and Hostile program. 

Develop your agility while building strength, developing the ability to overpower your opponents in every category of athleticism. Our 8-week program will sculpt you into a complete athlete able to handle every situation on the field.

Buy now and start your journey.

$ 64.99

Two Unique 4-week Programs - 8 weeks of programming!

5 days of workouts per week

3 days per week of specific agility work and drills

Each program builds upon the last for periodized growth

Mobility program for full range of motion and balance

Dynamic sprint specific warm-ups for healthy growth

Reactive ab prescription for stability and core strength

Program Details

  • 60 - 70 Min Workouts 
  • 5 Days Per Week
  • 8 Weeks Long


Suggested equipment (you may make substitutions if you don't have access to all equipment.

  • Bench

  • Dumbells

  • Squat Rack

  • Bands 

  • Bumper Plates

  • Platform

  • Boxes

  • Hurdles

Program Difficulty

Feeling Slow?

Get the Speed/Agility Package (20 weeks of training) for only


$145 value!

$ 64.99

Feeling Slow?

Get the Speed/Agility Package (20 weeks of training) for only


$109.99 value!

$ 64.99

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive the program?

Immediately after purchase, you will be directed to an order summary screen that will have the button, "Access My Digital Content". Click on the link and you can download your new program and start getting SWOLE today!

When should I start the program?

You may start the program as soon as you receive it! Start on Day 1 and complete all of the days in the workout in one week. Then start over on Day 1 again on the same day of the week that you started the program. 

What if I don't know what an exercise is?

We have video links embedded in the program for every exercise! If you still are sure if you are performing an exercises correctly, shoot us an email at!

I don't have the necessary equipment to perform a lift, what should I do?

Not to worry, shoot us an email at and we will give you an alternate exercise to perform!

How heavy should I go on my lifts?

Some exercises have percentages included that should be performed according to your 1 rep max in that lift. If there is no percentage, that means we want you to use and develop your autoregulation ability to determine to how heavy to go. Autoregulation is learning how hard your body is able to push itself and how to increase weights in a proper progression to ensure you are thoroughly warmed up and able to go as heavy as you are able without failing on any sets (unless specified).

What should I do when I finish the program?

When you finish this program you will have a true taste of the Swole Life! For maximum gains we encourage you to move onto a different program to ensure your body can adapt to a different stimulus. Check out these programs below, or sign up for a custom program!

Want to Learn More About Building Speed?

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Read blogs on becoming a freak athlete!

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Garret M.
United States United States

Solid Program

It was a solid program and helped me stay in overall good shape


Garage Strength Performance Training

Keep up the good work, Garret!

Diego B.
Switzerland Switzerland

Reliable Programm

I really enjoyed each workout, throughout the 4 weeks i could actually feel my power and strength improving. Paired with some plyometrics and top athletic days this programm will sure help you make progress!


Garage Strength Performance Training

Diego, thank you for the great review! Keep up the great work.

Jacob B.
United States United States

Football strength program

I believe it’s a good program. Unfortunately, I did not have much of the equipment required for this program and there weren’t any substitutions available. I cancelled the order and purchased the app Peak Strength. As you guys know, you can select equipment available as well as substitutions if needed.


Garage Strength Performance Training

Jacob, we are sorry to hear about the substitution incident. We have stated at the bottom of the program's purchase page that you are able to send an email for substitutions. Thank you for hopping onto Peak Strength. Send any questions or concerns to!

Brian K.
United States United States

Great System

The Football Strength program takes into account the time of year and how it is influenced by the football season. Well thought out and very helpful.


Garage Strength Performance Training

Brian, we appreciate your review! Keep up the great work.

Summer C.
Canada Canada

Cooper Hitchen

Great! The app was easy to understand. It really helped that I visited GS and got some help on my technique. Should I simply repeat the same program again during the first half of my season? Or would you recommend something else? Thanks, Cooper Hitchen


Garage Strength Performance Training

Cooper, thank you for the great review! We would recommend you checking out one of our other Lineman Strength Programs. This will allow your body to receive a different stimulius from new exercises.