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Strength Training For Athletes

Sports performance training that will get you results

Strength Training For Athletes

Strength Training Made Simple

Physical Power

Mental Confidence

Emotional Fulfillment

Sports performance training that will get you results







We are making strength training easier for athletes

Wrestling Training Programs

Start our elite wrestling strength training programs designed for every part of the year. Build explosive power, grip strength, and endurance to overwhelm your opponents on the mat.

Football Strength and Conditioning

Become the biggest, strongest, most explosive player on the field. Programs designed specifically for lineman and specialty positions to

improve agility, flexibility and strength with year-round programming for football players.

olympic weightlifting for sports performance

Olympic Weightlifting Programs

Specialty Programs written for custom developments in the Olympic lifts. Fix your split jerk. Build your squat. Improve your flexibility. Clearly designed programs with supportive coaching.

Why Train With Garage Strength?

  • Haven't PR'd in a while?We can get you over a plateau in training!

  • Need to lose weight and get toned? We can help you get fit and strong at the same time!

  • Haven't PR'd in a while?  We can get you over a plateau in training!

  • Need to lose weight and get toned? We can help you get fit and strong at the same time!

  • Short on time? Limited Equipment? We have programs for every situation!

  • Is your training best for you? We will guide you along the training journey!

Learn About Our System Of Training

  • How to program for elite level weightlifters.

  • Learn hundreds of new exercises and applications for training.

  • How to periodize for peak performance.

  • How to manage athletes and optimize recovery and lifestyle.

Do You Live Near

Reading, PA?

Do You Live Near

Reading, PA?

How To Get Faster

In field sports, conquering the game oftentimes circles back to the ability to move fast and compete with serious speed development. Moving fast creates better opportunities and better situations during a competitive environment. Countless coaches and athletes believe speed is entirely genetic. They will tell you speed can’t be trained, it can’t be enhanced, it can’t be developed. 

 We are here to show you...they are all wrong! 

 Our 12 Week How to Get Faster training program utilizes every single facet of sports performance to mold the perfect athlete. The athlete that is strong, explosive and incredibly fast. This program is: HOW TO GET FASTER!

strength training for football

Strength Training Made Simple

Set Your Goals

The first step is to decide what you want to achieve, whether competitively, how you look, or how you feel.

Find a Program

How do you reach your goals? By getting on a program that is proven to get results. We offer a variety of programs that will get you where you want to go.

Start Training

You've already made the commitment to train by purchasing a program. Now you have to do it. We will support you every step of the way on your strength journey!

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