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My name is Dane Miller, I am based in Reading, Pennsylvania, and I am an expert in strength training for athletes (especially wrestling and football training), Olympic weightlifting programs (and technical development), and Periodization and Programming for Coaches. My coaching and teaching is “hands-on”. I have a great team, and we work tirelessly to provide you with programs, and exercises that will produce measurable results! Whether it’s getting you to win a state title, build muscle mass, or (gasp!) teach Olympic lifting to your entire football team. If it has to do with athlete strength training, I am your man.

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Coaching athletes can be complex. We simplify how to strength train athletes to get them to the highest level using scientific principles and over a decade of experience.

The Proof Is In The Podium

Don’t believe we are the best, most amazing sports performance coaches in Reading, Pennsylvania? Can’t imagine that we are the top-rated strength facility in Berks County? Click here to read our Google Business reviews, or read reviews of my books. Don’t believe I have a sense of humor? Check us out on YouTube or follow us on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.



Our training programs are designed to easily follow during your workout on your phone, Ipad, or computer. Programs include:

  • Elite strength training written by world-class coach Dane Miller
  • Unique and challenging exercises
  • Videos of all exercises
  • Cues and videos for technical improvement
  • Full warm ups for injury prevention

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