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What are the best exercises to use day to day? How do I plan an entire year of athlete training? What rep schemes should be prioritized? Save a DECADE of guesswork, be able to plan and write a year's worth of programs, and be confident that your athletes will reach the next level.

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With the Sports Performance Bible, you will learn everything you need to know to not only get your athletes as strong and powerful as possible, but improve their athleticism and performance in their individual sports.

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The Olympic Weightlifting Technique Course is designed to get you or your athletes proficient in the Olympic lifts as fast as possible to train at the highest level. 

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Learn Practical Strength Coaching Concepts

Program Development

Learn how to develop strength training programs for athletes of any sport including how to structure workouts and what key concepts to focus on.

Best Exercises

Find out what exercises transfer best to which sports, and how to develop athletes specific to the demands of their sport.


Learn our Parabolic Periodization system that allows you to have dynamic control of your athlete's strength development throughout the year.

Lifting Technique

Hone in your knowledge of lifting technique with Olympic weightlifting progressions and exercises variations.

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One of the most difficult aspects behind developing strength and power athletes is figuring out WHAT will help an athlete to perform and HOW to make positive change. More often than not, coaches are misguided in their programming and technical literacy.

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With over 3 hours of content, Olympic Weightlifting for Sports Performance will guide you through the details of teaching and programming the snatch, clean, and jerks for various types of athletes from over ten different sports. Sign up and start learning!

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This course is designed for coaches and athletes looking to enhance programming for olympic weightlifting.

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This course is perfect for a coach working to understanding his athletes. It is also great for athletes to learn how to control their weight and make technical changes from coaching cues.

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Are you looking for advice on anything strength training, sports performance, or weightlifting? With this purchase, you will be able to schedule a time to call Dane's personal cell and talk about any questions you have in the realm of training.

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Improve Your Training with PowerLastics

The PowerLastic Latex Exercise Bands are the perfect tool for any accessory strength movement and can even serve as a mobile gym when traveling. As the most durable resistance bands on the market, they will hold up to the constant strength gains you are making year after year.

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83 reviews

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