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Do you need a strength program that will keep you engaged and have fun with training? Do you want to build old man strength, eclipsing even what you could do as a former athlete?

The Ghostface program will help you build muscle mass and cardio, all built into a crazy program that will spice up your training. Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned veteran, the Ghostface Program will get you results you can measure!

Lift heavy, Look big, Feel good

Bize & Trize

You will get a heavy dose of arms in our programs as you chase the pump and fill those sleeves!

Be Healthy

You don't only lift to look good but to be healthy as well. Our programs stimulate weight loss and improve overall health.

Lift Heavy

Looking big needs to be backed up with legitimate strength. Our programs focus on both definition and big numbers.

Unique Exercises

Each program is filled with unique exercises and rep schemes to keep training both challenging and fun!

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Improve Your Training with PowerLastics

The PowerLastic Latex Exercise Bands are the perfect tool for any accessory strength movement and can even serve as a mobile gym when traveling. As the most durable resistance bands on the market, they will hold up to the constant strength gains you are making year after year.

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