[Virtual Summit] Developing Elite Athletes as a High-level Coach – Garage Strength





Become a more effective coach to the athletes you train and gain actionable, development strategies during this virtual sports performance summit, hosted by Dane Miller. 

With guest speaker, Faris Khan, identify new and upcoming methods that are affecting the development of speed, strength, and performance coaching. 

Included in the Virtual Summit

  • 4 hours of instructional coaching lessons & benchmarks ($799)

  • Exclusive exercise and technique demonstration by Dane Miller and Faris Khan ($149)

  • Interactive Q/A with speakers Dane Miller and Faris Khan ($99)

  • Extensive coaching slide deck and templates ($49)

  • HD Video on-demand replay of the summit ($49)

A $1,145 value for only $50

Keynote Speaker

Dane Miller

Owner and Head Coach of Garage Strength

Topics for the Virtual Summit

Guest Speaker

Faris Khan

Strength, Conditioning, and Speed Coach

Dane Miller, Owner and Head Coach of Garage Strength, will be hosting a live learning event on October 7th for sports and fitness coaches. Dane will be joined by additional guest speaker, Faris Khan, to discuss important sports performance topics such as:

  • Strength and conditioning methods

  • Speed, agility, and acceleration technique

  • Coaching different types of athletes and entire teams

  • Athlete benchmarks for different sports and ages

preview the seminar before Signing up!

Let us send you an entire lesson from the in-person coaching summit to give you a good intro to our system of coaching and developing elite level athletes.

What you’ll take away

Actionable coaching strategies

Find out what international level coaches are doing to develop elite athletes regardless of their age and past experience. We will help you establish timelines and reasonable expectations to guide your athletes.

Skills to manage group training for teams of all sizes

Regardless of if you are coaching a single athlete or managing the programs for multiple teams, you can learn how to produce the best performances from each athlete and build a winning culture.

Program templates to implement immediately

Follow along and get exclusive access to the programming structure of Parabolic Periodization. Receive examples of programs used for different sports and purposes with a focus on the long term development for your athletes. 

Virtual Summit Schedule

Saturday, October 7th

12:00 PM EST

Summit Start and Speaker Introduction

12:20 PM EST  - Session 1

Topic: Strength Benchmarks for Athletes

Speaker: Dane Miller

1:30 PM EST - Session 2

Speed Training in Athletics

Speaker: Faris Khan

2:40 PM EST - Session 3

Topic: Planning and Managing Team Training

Speaker: Dane Miller

3:50 PM EST - Session 4

Topic: Demonstration of Simple Progressions to Elite Level Plyometrics

Speakers: Dane Miller & Faris Khan

5:00 PM EST

Interactive Q/A Session

*Note that there will be small 5-10 minute intermissions between sessions

for attendees to take breaks and for production to set up for the next session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deadline to sign up?

Yes. The deadline to sign up for coaches summit Saturday, October 7th - 3 hours before the event begins at 12PM EST. Early bird pricing ends on 8/31 and regular pricing and registration runs from September 1st to October 7th. 

Who is the seminar for?

The seminar is for any coach involved in strength training who wants to learn more about developing elite athletes. Whether you are a strength coach, sport coach, personal trainer, gym owner, or even an athlete who wants to learn more, this seminar is for you!

Where is the virtual summit being held and how can I watch?

The virtual summit is being held through Zoom and can be watched from any device that supports Zoom. The link to the webinar will be sent to you via email 24 hours and 2 hours before the summit begins along with the coaching resources used during the summit.

How much does it cost to register?

The early registration period runs from 8/7 - 8/31 with a price of $75. The regular registration period runs from 9/1 - 10/7 and will be available at a price of $100.

How long is the summit?

The summit will be a total of 5 hours. Included are 4 1-hour sessions lead by one of the speakers and then a session for Q/A via the live chat.

Will I receive a recording of the summit after the event is finished?

Yes. After the summit is concluded, you will receive a HD video on-demand recording of the summit if you register before registration period closes. 

Do I need to prepare for the summit?

No preparation or prerequisite is needed for the summit. Although, will be sending the slide deck and informational resources to you in an email 24 hours and 2 hours before the summit begins.