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In field sports, conquering the game often circles back to the ability to move fast and compete with serious speed development. Moving fast creates better opportunities and better situations in a competitive environment. The How to Get Faster training program utilizes every facet of sports performance to mold the perfect athlete.

$ 79.99
20 reviews

Do you feel slow on the athletic field? Are you a coach who needs your athletes to react quickly and be more explosive? Our 12 week comprehensive program will give you everything you need to blow up your explosive power. Guaranteed to translate to the playing field/court and improve your overall sports performance.

$ 79.99
10 reviews

The 8-week Berserker Speed and Power Program will craft you into the fastest and most powerful version of yourself with exercises that can all be done from your home!

$ 64.99
6 reviews

What will you improve?

Vertical Jump

Jump higher by increasing your raw leg strength and power. In addition, learn how to transfer your vertical jump ability to practical movements in your sport.

Speed Development

Develop your 0-60 acceleration and top-end speed with hamstring and glute strengthening. You will not only become more powerful but also resist injury.

Cutting Faster

Become more agile on the field or court by training your body how to properly decelerate and accelerate on a dime using our innovative plyometric exercises.

Compact Strength

Build ridiculous strength without putting on excess weight that might slow you down. You not only be faster than your opponents but become more physical than them as well.

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The 12-week Sprinter Strength Program is designed to build a strength and explosive base so that you can increase your power output and dominate the 100, 200, and 400 meter sprints on the track.

$ 79.99
7 reviews

The 12-week Lateral Speed Program focuses on building weight room strength and explosiveness paired with agility-based speed drills that will break the mold of traditional sprint training and get you as fast as possible!

$ 79.99
64 reviews

Cutting faster. Increasing your acceleration. Changing direction on a dime. Beating your opponents off the line. These are all abilities you will develop on the Agile and Hostile program. 

$ 64.99
11 reviews

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Understanding core-based training for sprinting is important. Trunk and core training for sprinting relates to dynamic trunk control. One of the most important things about utilizing these exercises is understanding where these specific exercises will impact sprinting speed. Sprinters have to be concerned with the start, the drive/acceleration phase, and then maximal mechanics...

This article will focus on sprinting relative to the 100 meter and 200 meter track and field events; however, the concepts discussed can and will transfer very well to field based and court based sports. How will strength training for sprinting transfer to field sports? Simple: running is involved....

At Garage Strength, we like to look at sprint training from a top-down perspective. We begin by defining what is sprinting, what is needed in sprinting, and what are the elements in sprinting. If these definitions are not established, we can’t ever really be sure if we will be utilizing the right movements...


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