Strength Training for Athletes – Garage Strength

Sport Specific Strength

Vertical Jump

Jump higher by increasing your raw leg strength and power. In addition, learn how to transfer your vertical jump ability to practical movements in your sport.

Speed Development

Develop your 0-60 acceleration and top-end speed with hamstring and glute strengthening. You will not only become more powerful but also resist injury.

Cutting Faster

Become more agile on the field or court by training your body how to properly decelerate and accelerate on a dime using our innovative plyometric exercises.

Compact Strength

Build ridiculous strength without putting on excess weight that might slow you down. You not only be faster than your opponents but become more physical than them as well.

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With the Custom Strength Program you will receive a 4-week ELITE level Garage Strength training program that is designed specifically for YOU. Programs are built specifically to your technical, strength, equipment, time, and skill level needs.

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Improve Your Training with PowerLastics

The PowerLastic Latex Exercise Bands are the perfect tool for any accessory strength movement and can even serve as a mobile gym when traveling. As the most durable resistance bands on the market, they will hold up to the constant strength gains you are making year after year.

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