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The Ultimate Bicep Pump

Here is how to get a massive bicep pump! Seventeen exercises in seventeen minutes for the biceps. 

The idea behind this workout is to come into the gym to hit a big set of 17 exercises in 17 minutes because there is minimal time to GET BIG!!!

1. Chin Ups

Chin-ups will stimulate some serious growth. Destroy a set of seven to ten reps followed by a brief thirty-second rest.

It is important to do a complex movement like the chin-up because it is very challenging for the biceps. In addition, it wakes the muscle up.

2. Drop Curl

This is another explosive bicep exercise. This is not based around bodybuilding but is based around potentiating motor unit recruitment so that we can get bigger after this.

The drop curl is performed with a barbell. Simply curl the bar, drop it, catch it and immediately perform the curl. Do a set of around ten reps followed by a quick thirty-second rest. Be explosive as possible, absorb the force, and recruit as rapidly as possible to get that bicep growth.

3. Cheat Curl

This is another big lift that can be performed with a bit of hip movement. Use a fat bar when cranking out the set of ten to fifteen reps. This movement lets us get into more of the bodybuilding principles. 

Remember, we got 17 exercises for one set apiece and we are going to failure almost every single time. In these early exercises, we are looking for big stimulation while later on, we are getting into full-blown sarcoplasmic work.

Don’t have a fat bar? Use a little bit of extra weight. Cheat curls are okay, just control the eccentric and that will help lead to big-time gains.

4. Hammer Grip Alternating Dumbbell Preacher Curls

In this movement, we want to think about the bicep and what we are looking at. We are looking at elbow flexion, a little bit of rotation in the forearm from the brachialis, and especially the brachioradialis, which will get hammered.

This is a great movement. It is easy on the elbows, lengthens the bicep, and gives a massive pump. Hit a set of ten reps with each arm.

5. Homers

This is an old try and true movement invented at Garage Strength.

Walk with the dumbbells in hand holding the elbows at ninety degrees for some isometric muscular action. After walking the required distance, about ten meters, get a pump by doing double hammer curls. Don’t be scared to rock and cheat a little. After pumping those out, walk back and finish with another set of double hammer curls.

Hit ten reps of curls each time. This will be the dumbest pump and the scary part is that we are only one-third of the way through.  

6. Dumbbell Incline Curls

Get the head back, lengthen the tendon a bit, and come up with the curl. Ten to fifteen reps will be plenty. Keep the head back against the bench and the pump will be felt right at the insertion. Then as fatigue settles in just crank the reps out until near being gassed.

7. Banded Bicep Curls

This movement is all about getting an easy pump going. Using a PowerLastic band attached to a pull-up bar, go ahead and curl the bands toward the forehead. Hit this movement set for twenty to thirty reps.

8. Backwards Walking Hammer Curl

It is simple. With a dumbbell in each hand, walk backward and bang out hammer curls for about ten reps with each arm. The good thing is this movement demands more coordination. Walking backward really helps with stability, proprioception, and coordination. 

9. Butterfly Curl

On a preacher bench holding dumbbells, have the palms facing down. Go from pronate to neutral which will help get the forearms huge. Hit this for seventeen reps.

10. Seated Curl

With an EZ bar, under constant tension, bust out a set of ten to fifteen reps. This one is a Bill Pearl special.

This one is the key to the universe, lol.

11. Post Curl

This is similar to the incline curl except we are standing. As has been the trend, we want to get around ten to fifteen reps. This is done with dumbbells. This movement allows for a little bit more range of motion.

We recommend alternating reps between neutral and supinated to stimulate growth. The various grips will help with growth but it will also help it be more feasible for the muscles to get through 17 exercises.

12. Reverse Grip Semi-Kneeling Preacher Cable Curl

Cable movements really help with isolating the targeted muscle group. We recommend the XPT Crossover because the machine is stupid versatile.

We want to do reverse grip first performing this movement for ten to fifteen reps.

13. Standard Grip Semi-Kneeling Preacher Cable Curl

As soon as we finish the reverse grip, we are going right into the normal, supinated grip version of the movement. We are looking for the fatigue from the reverse grip to smash us for the supinated grip. The lit-up forearms will be a burner. The biceps will be lit up as well.

14. Chest Supported Incline Banded Curl

At this point, we feel huge. We have a dummy pump in the biceps.

Using the PowerLastic band, we want to support our chest on an incline bench. We want to curl and get good tension at the top. Just crank with the palms up. Squeeze the mind-muscle connection through the finish. Hit this set for twenty to thirty reps.

15. Chest Supported Incline Cable Curl With Rope

Very similar to the previous movement but with a cable and holding a rope, we support the chest and curl. This is another one that will also target the brachioradialis, making the forearms larger and helping the biceps grow.  

Most commercial gyms will have the equipment necessary to perform this exercise. With this movement, hit a set of ten to fifteen reps.

16. Lying Cable Curl

This is another Bill Pearl special. With the cable crossover, laying down, pull the handle to the forehead. Do this for ten to fifteen reps with each arm.  

The big thing here is to minimize elbow and shoulder movement. We want to do the movement by just having the elbow flexion bringing the weight down. 

17. False Grip Curl On EZ Bar

The last movement we love doing some semblance of a forearm and bicep until failure. Thus the false grip curl with the EZ bar.

Now as we start to fail, we can start to cheat. But as we cheat to get the bar up, we want to focus on the eccentric. This will bring about that big-time forearm growth because the amount of weight being used typically can’t be used by the forearm.


The best thing about this workout is that it doesn’t just expand the biceps but it enlarges the forearms. This workout is capable of growing the biceps an inch, an inch and a half, in under twenty minutes. That’s sick, bro.

Another great thing is all of this training helps sustain elbow health.

The other bonus is being able to flex on friends and make’um feel small while you fill out those sleeves.


Dane Miller is the owner and founder of Garage Strength Sports Performance. He works with a select handful of clients on building comprehensive programs for fitness and nutrition. Several times a year he leads a workshop for coaches, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts.

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