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The Cure for Small Biceps


Sick of having puny little biceps? Struggling to even fill out that Youth Small? Maybe you can’t even do the classic chin up? Your arms are so small, you struggle to hold a bar on your back? It’s time to dive into an incredible topic to obliterate your biceps and get them to GROW. This is an old school formula, guaranteed to work and stimulate BIG FIBERS.


The Weakest Link

Every athlete has something that is their weakest link. It’s relatively clear what that link might be for most individuals. For some it is the mid-back, for others it’s their quads, for many it is their biceps. It is extremely important to identify what the weakest link actually is and then build that region as much as possible.


Weak biceps can prevent gains in the upper arms but more importantly, they can lead to many other problems. In the world of sports performance, weak biceps can have a negative impact on wrestlers trying to get a strong underhook and it can even weaken grip strength as well. Pathetic bicep strength can lead to elbow tendonitis and can even make it harder for athletes to decelerate from rapid tricep extension (think shot putters or boxers).

Dak could use some bigger biceps to hold onto the ball here.

On the football field, pathetic bicep strength can lead to a higher rate of fumbles in running backs. It can lead to a poor tackling ability in linebackers who struggle to wrap their opponent. For linemen, biceps are an important facet to holding opponents properly (illegal, sure but also part of the game). We have mastered arm size for sports performance and have it detailed within Bize and Trize 1 and 2!


Finally, small biceps may prevent you from finally being able to land the dream woman you have been checking out for months. You have been flirting with her, wearing tighter and tighter shirts in a desperate hope that she recognizes you. Little do you know, she has been seeing a dude with 18.5” pythons while you are walking around with 14” arms like a 7th grade pre-pubescent boy. You fall through the cracks and lose another dream girl.


Are you doomed? Absolutely not. There is something we can do to save your athletic career and your love life!

In Comes Pre-Exhaustion

What the hell is pre-exhaustion? It sounds like some death training stimulus. Why would I want to make myself tired, before I am going to get tired? Is this some sick game? Yes. Yes it is.

The goal is to target a weakness with an isolation movement AND a compound movement. Very simple concept, very hard to execute. This is something we cover in Bize and Trize 2, leading to massive arm flexor gains!


Let’s take the triceps for an example. Your triceps are small AF. We all know that tricep pushdowns can isolate the triceps and get a big pump, we also know that dips are like a massive donkey kick to the balls when it comes to stimulating triceps.


Yet for some reason, you struggle to feel your triceps during dips. Your chest gets a massive pump but you never feel the triceps. What can you do?

Hit the tricep pushdown for 10-15 reps, rest 30 seconds and then jump on the dips. Now this compound movement smacks the shit out of the triceps (just like that donkey kicking the dude in the nuts). All of a sudden, the long head of the triceps starts to grow and you have better awareness.

But what about my biceps?!?!?


*Image By PlayTheTunes. Link: *

I get it, your biceps are small. We have the perfect solution. These two groups of pre-exhaustion will lead to incredible growth. Your forearms will blow up and your Youth Small shirt will finally look like...well, a youth small on a grown ass man. Set up the preacher curl bench and get those chin ups ready.

1A) Preacher Curl 5 x 10-15 reps

1B) Narrow grip Chin Ups 5 x 4 reps with 5 second eccentric


If your biceps don’t feel as big as Jake Horst’s after 75 reps of hammer curls, then try this next pre-exhaustion set.

2A) Incline Curls (lay head back and lengthen elbow joint fully) 5 x 17

2B) Narrow Supinated Grip (palms facing you) Lat Pulldown 5 x 10-12

After you finish these two pairings, you will walk out of the gym feeling like Diana Ross after winning the Oscars.



The first step toward comprehending a sticking point is to find a specific weakness. Understanding biomechanics and understanding of movement. Once you analyze your positions and sticking points, you can take a big step back and design a full program based around hammering those stubborn muscle groups. Stick to the plan for at least 4-6 weeks and make sure you are taking care of your recovery and eating plenty of protein (highlight protein and link it to nutrition blog). With ample recovery and proper programming, you will be able to smash those gains and finally feel like and adult.

Dane Miller

Dane Miller is the owner and founder of Garage Strength Sports Performance. He works with a select handful of elite athletes building comprehensive programs for strength and sports performance. Several times a year he leads a seminar for coaches, trainers, and athletes.


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