Technical Revamp
Technical Revamp

Technical Revamp

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Program Goals:

  • The first three weeks of the program were focused on technical improvements and weaknesses in Hayley. Some weaknesses focused on were sliding her feet out instead of jumping, squatting with her knees out, and improving her upper body strength in the catch position.
  • The second four weeks of the program were focused on continuing to improve the technical adjustments from the first three weeks. The main focus was getting her knees back immediately off of the floor and keeping them back during the pull.
  • Get Hayley to improve on small technical issues that will propel her to being the best 49k lifter in the nation. Set Hayley up for next 2 programs before the AO Final peak.

Volume: High volume all 7 weeks

Intensity: Low in competitive lifts and variations, Moderate in squats

Program Duration: 7 weeks all technique focused

Lifting Duration: One hour to one hour and thirty minutes

Schedule: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Athlete Day), Friday, Rest Saturday

Equipment Needed: Barbell, bumper plates, bands, boxes, hurdles, kettlebells, dumbbells, glute ham, pull up bar, earthquake bar (not necessary)

Results: Hayley Reichardt competed at the Pan American trials in Columbus, Ohio in March. Competed like a beast and made the Senior Pan Am team. She then went on the compete at Junior Worlds and Senior Pan Ams within 3 months. With her not competing again until the American Open Final it was the perfect time to really focus on technique for a big meet. As you can see, just by working on her technique can significantly increase weights you were unable to hit before. By the end of this program you will be able to see huge technical improvement that will lead to big PR’s in the near future!