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    Garage Strength — throwers

    Dane's Favorite Shoulder Saving Movement

    Dane's Favorite Shoulder Saving Movement

    Shoulder Strength and Mobility for Injury Prevention

    I train a lot of Olympic weightlifters, shot putters/discus throwers, wrestlers and swimmers.  All of these sports HAMMER the shoulders.  We do a significant amount of pressing, a large amount of pulling and of course a plethora of overhead work.  This leads to some serious stress on the upper back and shoulder girdle.  What is my favorite movement to “prehab” this area?

    The external rotation!  Lately, I have been seeing a ton of weird machine exercises to target external rotation and to help with shoulder health.  This leaves me completely befuddled.  The seated DB external rotation is easy, cheap and very, very effective.  It is also easy to vary the movement by slowing down the eccentric and altering the rep range.  Contrary to most recommendations, I prefer to keep the rep range a bit lower.  I have found much of the shoulder girdle responds well to higher threshold training, basically using the range of 5-8 reps.  In the video below, you can see me demonstrating a seated external rotation at 2:38.  Use them for 4-6 weeks and your shoulders will be ecstatic!


    The Mental Edge

    The Mental Edge
    Garage Strength athletes had a successful weekend at the PIAA State Championship Meet. Berks county natives, Jocelen Ruth, Emily Stauffer, and Joe Mundell have shown that they can perform in the circle under any conditions. Dane Miller was a AA State Champion in shot put back in 2002 and coaching the throws remains his specialty.
    Garage Strength athletes brought back three state titles, two silver medalists, and four top eight finishers.
    It is no secret

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    Alex Rose Is Headed for the 2016 Olympic Games!

    Alex Rose Is Headed for the 2016 Olympic Games!

    Garage Strength online client, Alex Rose is heading to Rio de Janeiro this summer for the 2016 Olympic Games! Dane is proud to work with Alex this past year, and he is excited to see him compete for his home country of Samoa in Rio. Congratulations Alex on a huge discus mark of 65.71 meters which surpassed the olympic qualifier by almost three feet.

    Garage Strength Athletes Bring Home Gold In PIAA State Championship Meet

    Garage Strength Athletes Bring Home Gold In PIAA State Championship Meet

    Garage Strength Athletes earned the top three positions in men's and women's AAA shot put. Four Garage Strength athletes medaled in shot and discus.

    On the men's side, returning champion Joe Mundell of Schuykill Valley took the first position on his final throw at 60 feet 3 inches. Noah Fritz of Schuykill Haven placed second, and Jake Gieringer also of Schuykill Valley placed third. Joe Mundell placed second in discus to top ranked Evan Blair of Hickory.

    Emily Stauffer earned the top spot for the women in shot put with a toss of 45'7". Jocelen Ruth placed second and Peyton Montana third. All three train with Dane Miller at Garage Strength. Peyton is an online client who train at the barn once per week. She is only a sophmore, so expect to see more from her in the next two years!

    Jocelen Ruth took brought home the gold medal in AAA discus where Emily Stauffer took third and Peyton Montana 5th. 

    Tom Bojalad is a GS online client who placed 3rd in AA discus. He threw 172' which was good enough for bronze, and a significant improvedment over his PR from last year of 143 feet. He is the first male athlete from his high school to earn a state medal in Track and Field.

    Congratulations to all athletes!