The Mental Edge – Garage Strength

The Mental Edge

Garage Strength athletes had a successful weekend at the PIAA State Championship Meet. Berks county natives, Jocelen Ruth, Emily Stauffer, and Joe Mundell have shown that they can perform in the circle under any conditions. Dane Miller was a AA State Champion in shot put back in 2002 and coaching the throws remains his specialty.
Garage Strength athletes brought back three state titles, two silver medalists, and four top eight finishers.
It is no secret that Garage Strength attracts the top track and field athletes in the region, but why are they able to perform so well at the state level? Garage Strength training has put these athletes through workouts that their competitors have not endured. This type of high intensity training has given them a physical and mental edge over their competitors. Last week’s District meet was cold and rainy, but Garage Strength throwers are used to the cold and the rain. They did what they had to do, and made it to states. This weekend’s state meet was brutally hot, and after relatively cold spring their bodies were not prepared to compete in 100 degree temps. However, Garage Strength athletes were mentally prepared to handle the heat and the cold even if their bodies were not acclimated. They have thrown in cold temps ALL WINTER and in the heat last summer, ALL SUMMER, and they could hit the positions for good throws regardless of the conditions.
Sometimes it’s just about showing up. Dane sets high expectations for his throwers. They have to show up and train even when Dane is not around. Sometimes its about the coach, Dane knows the cues and the technique that makes a good thrower. Sometimes it’s about the companionship. Garage Strength throwers push each other to be better every day. But this weekend it’s about the athletes. They put it together for themselves and each other and it was a spectacular weekend for all of them. Are these the best athletes in the state of Pennsylvania? Maybe, but only one of these three gold medalists were ranked first going into the meet. What matters is they were the best athletes at the state meet! You have to perform HERE to get the title, and perform they did
(From Left)
Congratulations to Peyton Montana 3rd in AAA shot put, and 5th in discus!
Congratulations to Emily Stauffer, AAA State Champion in Shot, and 3rd place in discus!
Congratulations to Jocelen Ruth, AAA State Champion in Discus and 2nd in shot put!
(Also Notable)
Congratulations to Tom Bojalad 3rd in AAA shot put!
Congratulation to Kevin Reichardt 9th AA shot put!
Congratulations to Jake Gieringer 3rd in AA shot put!
Congratulations to Noah Fritz, 2nd in AA shot put!
Congrats to coach Dane Miller!
Congratulation to Joe Mundell, Two-Time AA State Champion in shot put and second in AA discus.
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