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Get SWOLE with these Exercises


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Get SWOLE with these Exercises

Getting swole AF is every muscle seekers’ dream. What does it mean to get swole AF? Big old muscles eating up oxygen and being fueled by calories sculpted from years of work. Lean muscle mass is every lifters’ personal art project in sculpting. Except instead of a hammer and chisel, chainsaw, or whittling tool, the human body is sculpted through picking things up, standing things up, pressing things up, and pulling things into proximity. And as every lifter knows, not every exercise is created equal in the sculpting toolbox.

Let’s take a look at four exercises that will get musculature swole AF and as lean as that slab of steak.

1. Floating Snatch Grip High Pull

Every reader who hates weightlifting just let out an audible groan because the floating snatch grip high pull will test athletic ability. But if you, dear reader, want big traps and a solid posterior chain, this movement needs to be done.

Using weightlifting straps and taking a snatch grip, the point is to light up the posterior chain and feed it into that BIG YOKE, especially when trying to get swole AF. We want to get big. We want big traps, big back, big hamstrings. EVERYTHING BIG!!!

With that snatch grip, we pull the bar in a fast athletic motion. As the bar propels from the ground to the hip, in one fluid motion, we engage those traps and pull those elbows high and back. Keeping that fluidity, we lower the bar at a fast, controlled pace to mid-shin, decelerate at mid-shin to a near stop, put the bar from being lowered into reverse, and pull the bar again up nice and high. This rapid, fluid movement continues for rep after rep during the set.

Hit this exercise at least twice a week if you trying to get those big muscles that make people strong, strong. I recommend hitting the sets for five to seven reps. 

2. Pause Dumbbell Incline Bench

One big thing to think about when trying to get swole AF is thinking about what muscles make that happen. In my mind, it is the upper pec, delts, traps, upper back, erectors, glutes, and hamstrings that make people look swole AF.  

get swole

The pause dumbbell incline bench is related specifically to the upper body. At the bottom of the movement, at the chest, pause for a solid count of two to three seconds before pressing. Pausing gives the body more time under tension. While pausing, stay tense deep in the stretch. Staying tense will have the body recruit more high threshold motor units and keep the muscles getting swole.

3. Drag Curl With A Shrug/V Swinging Hammer Curl/Drag Curl With A Shrug

Another muscle related to getting swole AF is the forearms. Having big forearms makes people look like monsters.

The movement I’m going to recommend is a drag curl variation. The key is to use a weight that can be performed like a cheat curl. Prop the body onto a military press bench and have the legs positioned slightly behind the torso. You don’t want to be sitting as if at a desk. Then perform a drag curl with a shrug to begin. This will hit the upper back, traps, and forearms. Go until you feel a real nice pump in. Then begin performing a little swinging hammer curl, almost like a V-curl. It doesn’t end there. Now that the traps are lit up, finish off with ten more drag curls with a little shrug at the top.

The forearms will get blown up all the way to the biceps and traps. Do three sets, might make them death sets. Like fifteen, fifteen, failure. 

4. Heels Elevated Hack Squat

This is an extremely horrible exercise that I wager no one will want to do.

It is horrible (in all the best ways).

Using a slant board on a leg press, have the shoulders into the pads and prepare for a solid, crazy hack squat. The whole point of using this movement is to help build a massive squat or break through a plateau. Like, do this for ten sets, and on the last two sets go until death sets in. The swole AF quads will be for real, real.  


Lighting up the quads, the traps, and the posterior chain makes the muscles look swole AF. Remember, big quads, big hamstrings, big traps, big shoulders, and big forearms are exactly what is needed to get swole AF.

The big question we want to be answered though is how many reps can ya get on that 10th set, the one to failure, performing the slant board hack squat?!?


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