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17 Tricep Exercises in 17 Mins

Let’s start chasing that tricep pump to achieve that horseshoe-shaped muscle right away! Every single exercise is going to be performed for seventeen reps. Why 17?

1. Ghostface Kickbacks

Using a PowerLastic strength band, we want to begin with an easy movement. Having the PowerLastic band anchored, we want to bend at the hips and extend the length of the band to start chasing that good old tricep pump.

Remember, increasing the mind-muscle connection and loosen up the joints, smashing some banded work is great.

2. Clockwork Tricep Extension

Using a band anchored to the bottom of a military bench seat, sit down and grab the band behind the head. Put the knuckles together like the gears of a clock and rotate out. 

As we think of all three heads of the tricep horseshoe shape, we want hit all three heads every single lift or at least attack them lift by lift. With the clockwork tricep extension, I like to get nice and deep and then extend while keeping the thumbs facing inward.

3. Telle Extension

I stole this movement directly from Charles Poliquin. 

Using a preacher bar, perform the Telle extension on a flat bench or decline bench. Start by laying flat on the bench with a close grip on the bar and it extended over the eyes. From there, extend the bar back behind the head, allowing the elbows to bend. With a nice, deep stretch, pull the preacher bar over the face to the chest. Once at the chest, press the bar up. The movement hits every head of the tricep to help develop that horseshoe.

Remember: lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, pull-over, and press. Using a fat bar or fat grips forces an open grip that requires more high threshold motor unit recruitment in the prime movers.

4. Dumbbell Incline French Press

On an incline bench utilizing dumbbells, begin by having the knuckles face one another from each dumbbell, similar to a neutral grip pull-up. With the arms extended, bend at the elbows to move the dumbbells back towards the traps. Then do a tricep curl, pulling the elbows into the pressing position. Once in the pressing position, press the dumbbells up and overhead.

This is a good movement to fix the lockout in the bench press.

5. Flywheel Tricep Extension

If you don’t have a flywheel or access to a flywheel, get yourself one, kBox flywheels from Exxentric are awesome. 

The flywheel gives the biggest pump! The eccentric portion gets the muscles to peak power quickly. The movement just feels life-like

6. Lean Away Banded Tricep Extension

Anchoring a PowerLastic band overhead, lean away from the anchor point to establish tension in the band. From there, extend through the tricep. 

I love doing the lean away right after the flywheel (which is really taxing from a neurological and eccentric perspective. The lean away can be done bilaterally or unilaterally. 

Again, the body feels a really nice pump on all three heads of the tricep to help with developing that horseshoe of muscle.

7. Decline Kickbacks

Laying on a decline bench and using a barbell, we bring the barbell to the top of the dome and then out. The body is then under constant tension, constantly pushing away with the triceps. This forces the long head to have more tension long term. 

This is one of my favorite ways to get serious growth. 

8. Seated Dumbbell Tricep Extension

Only use one dumbbell. Just make sure it is heavy.

Sit on the upright military bench, and just get a good pump bringing the dumbbell back behind the head and then extending the dumbbell up over the head. This movement is great for the lockout in the jerk or snatch. 

We have to remember the importance of the triceps with overhead stability.

9. Flat Bench Fat Bar Press

Using a preacher bar and laying on a flat bench, make sure the head is hanging off the bench. Then bring the preacher bar down to the chin before extending up over the chest. Relax the head to get a really good range of motion. Think about lengthening and strengthening. The movement will really help with the lockout in the bench as well.

10. Kneeling Dumbbell Press

This is an old school bodybuilding movement that is done unilaterally. Reach the dumbbell back behind the head and crank out the extension. Really focus on holding dynamic trunk control by staying upright with the torso. Make sure to do the reps on each arm. 

Quick warning, try not to hit the back of your dome performing this movement.

11. Dumbbell Decline Press & Rotate

We want to rotate pinkies in as we bring the dumbbells down towards the head. Then as we extend, we will rotate the dumbbells so the pinkies are now out.   

This movement is good for increasing range of motion in the elbows and developing the backside of the tricep.

12. Banded Incline Tricep Extentions / Banded Chest Supported Push Down

Lay on your chest on an incline bench. The PowerLastic is in the hands and anchored under the feet. Elbows forward with the hands by the head. From here, extend up.  

This movement benefits anyone who struggles with an overhead position. 

Go right from the previous movement into the chest supported push-down. The chest support eliminates the ability to lean into the push down as much. 

13. Fat Bar Bradford Press

Another old school bodybuilding movement here that is done on the military bench chair. Using a preacher bar we want to do a tricep curl into a Bradford press. It is like a mix between a Bradford and French press. This movement can be overloaded to be pushed from a strength aspect. Here is another movement that lights up the HTMU and leads to big time tricep growth. 

14. Incline Bench Dumbbell Press

Similar to the kickback done on the decline, but his time with dumbbells on an incline, we want to hold that constant tension again. The key is not to extend over the eyes but to extend the dumbbells out from the top of the dome to a point directly overhead. This requires holding a constant lockout at full extension.

15. Supported Tricep Extension Away

I like doing this movement seated and using a cable machine. I sit down and have my back supported. My back is too the weights of the machine. I then do tricep extensions.

One trick to consider is pushing out on the way out to get more tension into the triceps on the finish. I love this movement to get a big time pump.

16. Floor JM Press

Laying on the floor using a preacher bar, I go right to my chin and press up. Make sure the elbows are staying down. This another movement that will help people who struggle with the lockout in the bench.

17. Miracle Gro

The movement is a dumbbell pull over with a big time flair. The big flair requires really, really deep elbow flexion to give a big time stretch in the lats, abs, and pecs. This movement makes the triceps sorer than any other tricep exercise in the whole wide world. It is the number one, best, greatest tricep exercise in the history of the world.

Hold the dumbbell with a diamond grip, the dumbbell over the head, start with elbow flexion, and then pull the dumbbell back over the face.


Now dear reader, flex your tricep and take a picture. Did that? Good. Go and do these 17 exercises for 17 reps each. Done that? Great! Take another picture and salivate at the for real gainz just experienced and documented. Feeling swole? Comment below with the results. 


Dane Miller is the owner and founder of Garage Strength Sports Performance. He works with a select handful of clients on building comprehensive programs for fitness and nutrition. Several times a year he leads a workshop for coaches, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts.

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