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Glycerol Pump Workout

I mixed 20 grams of glycerol. Glycerol does not mix well at all but it tastes pretty good

About twenty minutes after my workout, we measured the size of my arms, see if there was a little bit of growth. I then continued to take to consume about 25 to 30 ounces of water throughout the hour, see if I could get a big pump from the glycerol, and increase my osmotic pressure and that in turn will lead to helping with my endurance.

Stacking The Glycerol

I stacked the glycerol with some sweet coffee. And in case you didn’t know, I had five athletes at the Olympics. Anyway, I tried to mix the glycerol up. It does not mix well at all. Typically when buying glycerol, especially if it is straight-up glycerol, the tub is much bigger because of how voluminous the powder is and also companies are trying to trademark some formulas to make it mix better.

The company we got the glycerol from More Plates More Dates’ Gorilla Mind supplement line tastes pretty good. I also stacked it with Stampede pre-workout from Earth Fed Muscle. So coffee and glycerol or Stampede and glycerol go well together.

The big key was getting the glycerol in 15-20 minutes prior to starting the workout and then making sure to consume 24-30 ounces of water throughout the training session.

Hopefully, my arms grow. The plan is to measure my arms prior to the workout, hit a 300 rep preacher bench workout, and then measure my arms at the end of the workout to see if the glycerol helps increase the size of my arms.

Glycerol Is Gritty

I mixed the glycerol in a soup container. Usually, I just go down the hatch with creatine. Glycerol has a gritty taste and texture, similar to creatine but, for some reason, it is rougher. Thankfully, the glycerol I used is flavored superbly.

Pre-Workout Arm Measurements 

My awesome wife, Caitlyn, measured my arms. I flexed. My right arm measured at 17.3” (pretty small). Typically after a workout chasing a pump, I usually can get 18.5-19.25” on my arm size.

Warming Up Before The Pump

I began by using PowerLastic bands to warm up my muscles. One of the big things I have read (and felt in the past) when using glycerol is that the supplement does help with the mind-muscle connection. Because of that connection, I like using the bands because I get more tension through the full range of motions. That is one of the keys for the glycerol pump workout is that once the min-muscle connection is established, just keep piling it on.


Some of my throwers ask me if glycerol is necessary to use to help with sports performance. I think it is not necessary, that glycerol is more for vanity or a novelty factor. There is potential to stretch the muscle a little more with a bigger pump, but it is very unlikely. Throwers won’t necessarily notice any significant difference in overall performance.

But! I do think that athletes in sports like weightlifting, boxing, MMA, wrestling, or any weight class base sport where cutting weight occurs, especially drastically, I think that post-weigh-in that smashing 10-20 grams of glycerol will help. Why? Because glycerol increases the osmotic pressure which will hyper-hydrate the muscles. It will help replenish fluids. It is not necessary but has benefits in specific situations.

While Taking Glycerol

Drink water. Drinking water while taking glycerol will let you feel a bigger pump. Thus the 24-30 ounces of water during a workout. 

Starting The Workout 

I began on the preacher bench doing a kettlebell curl. I hit somewhere like forty reps. I focused on squeezing the head of the kettlebell to increase that the hyper-hydration into the muscles to blow out the sleeves.

Then I started doing Zottman curls with dumbbells. I did near sixty reps. Glycerol, one thing I noticed, makes you feel like you can just keep rolling. Beta-alanine stacked with glycerol gives a stupid increase in endurance. Cross-country runners, swimmers, or bodybuilders could benefit from this endurance help.

Glycerol may pay off by helping with endurance. For instance, endurance athletes who tend to take a ton of caffeine and end up dehydrating a little bit will be more prone to injury. Taking glycerol will help hyper-hydrate the muscles and in turn drastically increase overall muscular endurance. Ideally, if in bodybuilding, this will lead to big-time growth.

After the Zottman’s, I started doing some dumbbell drag curls of sorts. I just felt like I could keep going. I got the Gritty Glyc. The Gritty Glyc Pump.

Post-Workout Arm Measurements 

My boy Jake Horst measured my right arm while flexing. My right arm pumped up to 19” after the workout.

glycerol pump

My left arm, where I have no bicep definition, measured at 18.63”. 


I ended up increasing an inch and a half on my arm size. I believe a lot of that has to do with glycerol. Typically, I think athletes will see an inch increase in a forty-five-minute bize and trize workout.

Go ahead, download the 300 rep preacher bench workout, take a serving size of 10-20 grams, stack it with caffeine and comment below with pre and post-workout bicep pics.


Dane Miller is the owner and founder of Garage Strength Sports Performance. He works with a select handful of clients on building comprehensive programs for fitness and nutrition. Several times a year he leads a workshop for coaches, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts.

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