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Is having a home gym a worthless expense? Can you actually get stronger inside a home gym?

Many fitness enthusiasts and athletes have a home gym where they exercise and focus on strength training and various other resistance based training. At times, having a home gym can lead to lack of motivation and a feeling of staleness in regards to exercise. 

How can someone be sure to prevent these issues from happening when they have their own home gym ? The first recommendation is to be sure to have the best equipment for the right goals in the fitness journey. If an athlete is a strength athlete, they should have a squat rack and bench and pull up rack in their home gym. If someone is a fitness enthusiast, they should have kettlebells and bands in their home gym. 

Another quick tip for home gym users is to find out a way to create a community around their home gym. How can this happen?

Home Gym

Use social media outlets to share home gym training sessions. This helps with resistance training progress through various ways. It brings a sense of accountability to the athlete which they otherwise would lack when they are solely training in their home gym. This also prevents the individual from being on their phone throughout their entire session in the home gym. Instead, the enthusiast can print their workout and make analog notes while supporters view their training sessions on Twitch, Instagram, Facebook and possibly even YouTube! 


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