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The Hydro Weight

The Hydro Weight

The Hydro Weight is one of the best training tools that are unknown in the world of fitness and sports performance.

Many coaches and athletes feel the Hydro Weight is an unnecessary training tool, being too “functional” for legitimate training and not able to improve performance. The Hydro Weight can train various qualities in strength. 

Stability is the first quality that the Hydro Weight can improve. By having moving water, the athlete is forced to use their core to a very high degree while executing a compound movement. Speed is another quality that Hydro Weight training can drastically improve. When using the Hydro Weight in the overhead position and through special technical drills, like A Skips and B skips, the Hydro Weight offers an odd resistance that forces greater thought during execution. 

Using the Hydro Weight on various pieces of equipment, like glute ham machines and back extensions, the trunk is trained at full overload. This improves the quality of dynamic trunk control which is a main quality that needs to be trained to improve overall sports performance. 

Use the Hydro Weight for warm ups on a daily basis. While warming up with the aqua bags, the athlete will wake up a ton of neural drive. At least once a week, use the Hydro Weight on Athlete Days or Dynamic Strength days. This will lead to improved rates of chaos coordination and greater body control.

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