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Strength Training for Goalies

Strength Training for Goalies

Soccer is the most poorly trained sport on the planet. 

What athlete could be categorized as one of the most explosive freaks on the planet? Is it really soccer goalies? How can you train goalies to be explosive machines? Shouldn’t they just do functional training?

What strength characteristics are needed to develop a goalie? Goalies need to understand angles and field geometry, this needs to be taught on a regular basis by the sport coach. The next aspect that needs to be trained daily is the ability to analyze the plant foot of a striking player. This means watching how the athlete plants their foot to decelerate their body because this will help the goalie predict where the ball will travel. This is very similar to tennis players analyzing body positions on a serve. 

After these key concepts are trained by the sport coach, the strength training for goalies should focus on speed of reaction. Goalies need to rapidly coordinate, traverse large areas of ground, explode from unilateral positions and have tremendous control over their trunk.

To rapidly coordinate, strength training for soccer goalies should start with various forms of technical coordination movements. Various forms of cleans and snatches should be trained for rapid coordination. The next step behind strength training for soccer goalies should focus on absolute strength training methods. This would include front squats, pause back squats, single leg squats and barbell step ups. These are all forms of training that can help rapid coordination and improve jumping ability.

Improving power output from various positions is another key to strength training for goalies. By using plyometric movements from a unilateral position and bilateral position, the goalie will learn how to control their trunk while executing high speed patterns. Strength training for goalies should emulate that of a free safety in football or even a linebacker. Focus on great lateral ability, quick brain reactive power and explosive body movements from various positions. 


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