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How to Squat Every Day


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Should You Squat Every Day?

Squatting every day has a few big examples. Pat Mendes squatted 600 lbs every day for like 2 years straight. Ivan Djuric is someone who squats every single day and posts and documents his journey on YouTube. I front squatted for 2 straight years every day I went into training. That didn’t mean I was squatting every single day but I was training 6 days a week and front squatted constantly. 

Even during the Covid shutdown in Pennsylvania, I went into the gym for 3 months by myself, stared at the wall, and back squatted until I hit a bit-time back squat PR. I did just that.

Athletes who are going to squat every day come back to squatting every single day they get into the gym. That might be 4 days a week, 5 days a week, but, if the athlete is a real trooper, it will be 6 days a week. The athlete will squat every single day they work out. Squatting every day might involve going to max, going lighter and focusing on speed, or completing pause squats to focus on positions. Whatever is going on, the athlete will be squatting every day they are working out.

How Can Squatting Everyday Help?

If you are like me and have super long femurs that make up about 62% of my height, squatting every day can help improve technique and will increase strength over a long period. Squatting regularly does work. In addition, long limb lifters tend to not be as good of squatters as their short-limbed counterparts.

Squatting every day on the regular gives the benefit of improving technique. Using pauses down in the hole not only strengthens the position but increases strength. Another variation that can be used to improve the bottom position is doing double-bounce squats. The double bounce leads to an improvement in mobility and positioning out of the bottom.

Hitting A Plateau

Squatting more regularly, like every day, will drastically increase the volume of squatting. The increase in volume will put the strength level through the roof. Personally, when I was front squatting every day for 2 straight years, I noticed a huge improvement in my deadlift, snatch, and even bench press.


Squatting every day isn’t all sunshine. There are some negatives. An athlete who typically gets back pain, often a result of poor technique, needs to be managed. Athletes who have knee pain also need to implement protocols to deal with the pain, manage mobility, and enhance joint ranges in the ankles, lower back, and hips.

Squatting every single day can also be mundane and become boring. But that is also one of the benefits of squatting every single day in training. Squatting every day lets the athlete know what they are going to do every single day they enter the gym. An athlete can embrace the goal of squatting every single day to push the weight and get strong AF and see the monster strength take off.

5 Day A Week Sample

On the first day, start back squatting with 4x5. 

The second day will feel stronger, so use a really strong rep scheme and do 7x2 building over the seven sets.

The third day can be a recovery day where 3x5 can be done between 60-70% of the max lift.

On day four, do 4x2 at 70-80% and then use auto-regulation to ramp up to a heavier double. Auto-regulation is great for athletes. If an athlete feels good they ramp to a heavy double. If the athlete feels like trash, they can just stay static at the earlier weights and do two to three more sets.

Day five max out a heavy double or triple.

Really crazy? Front squat every day.

Day one starts by hitting 4x2. Day two do 4x2 heavy and then hit 2x5 a little bit lighter. Day 3 hit 3x7 at like 50% and Day 4 hit 3x4 at a moderate weight. Then on day five, seven doubles pushed up to a max, big set of two.


I did mention squatting every day can be boring. That is why I like to use variations to change it up. Pause squat in the bottom or a double bounce squat or vary the stance or use a box squat. Still bored? Vary the stance and do a pause squat. Use different bars like a safety squat bar, duffalo bar, or cambered bar. The variables to create variations are quite extensive. 

squat every day

Overall Plan

With an overall plan, establish days where max strength is the focus. Also, have a day where the focus is on hypertrophy and a day that is focused on variations. While performing variations, know how the move impacts the body’s overall feeling. Accessories play a big role and can have a positive impact on overall strength as well.


Squatting every single day can be fun. It can also be mundane and boring. It can also really blow up an athlete’s back squat. Yes, some back pain and some knee pain may need to be dealt with, but proper recovery methods around sleep, nutrition, and mobility help a ton. 


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