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Step Ups

Glute bridges are OVERRATED for developing glutes. Seriously?

Over the last 10 years, athletes have been hammered with the notion that the only way to blow up the glutes is by doing a glute bridge. 

Is it important to train the glutes? Absolutely, the glutes are the LARGEST muscles on the body and they can produce a ton of force. This force can be seen specifically during acceleration in sprinting and throughout various expressions of transient speed. Are glute bridges the best to train them? No.

Research has shown that barbell step ups actually stimulate the glutes more than glute bridges. The step up not only hammers the glutes but also targets the quads very well during the eccentric phase. The quads, in conjunction with the glutes are imperative for having great acceleration. 

Find a 14” to 18” box and a very moderate load. Ideally, the back leg will only push off with about 30% of the effort needed to finish the movement. Focus on the quads and glutes during the eccentric. Make sure to drive through the entire knee extension position to get the best results from the barbell step up! 


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