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Top 3 Olympic Lifts for Basketball

Should basketball players lift? Absolutely. Should basketball players Olympic weight lift? 100%. Incorporating Olympic movements into a basketball player’s workout will improve their explosiveness on jump shots, increase ankle stability, overall mobility and overhead force production. All of which will translate directly to your performance on the court when faced with pressure on charges, different positions in the paint and even how to jump higher when fighting for a rebound.

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Strength Training for Athletes

Hip Power Snatch

Hip power snatches best replicates playing a basketball game from rebounding and jumping perspective. It is a short hip movement along with an explosive hip pop on the way up to finish the lift. This movement simulates the moment the ball comes off of the rim on a missed shot and you needing to react quickly to jump as high as you can and rebound the basketball. Hip power snatch also strengthens your shoulders and traps. This will aid in grabbing the ball with power when going up for the rebound.

Snatch Grip Push Press

Snatch grip push press is great for leg drive and upper body strength on the court. This lift will help build shoulder and upper back strength. Having good shoulder and back strength is great for being able to dribble the ball well, having good posture to shoot the ball properly and playing good defense with your hands and rebounding. Snatch grip push press is great for all positions from point guard to center.

Power Snatch Off 1 Box

Power snatch off 1 box helps improve agility, speed, and jumping ability. This movement helps improve the nervous system, which will help you react faster, therefore improve your agility and acceleration on the court. Power snatch off 1 box will help strengthen your hamstrings, back, quads, calves, traps, and shoulders. All of these areas will help improve the explosion from jumping, to sprinting on the court.


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