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Football Olympic Weightlifting: Pause at Knee Power Snatch

The pause at the knee power snatch is an effective movement for football players. First, it forces you to get into the proper position for a power snatch because it engages your legs, back, and upper body. Second, it puts you into the “power position” that most football players start from. Third, it strengthens your nervous system, builds muscle and makes you faster.

The pause at the knee forces the athlete to get into the correct position for a snatch and power snatch. The pause makes the athlete pull the knees back, load the hamstrings all while squeezing the back and lats to keep the bar tight to the legs. Being in the correct position will help you activate the right muscles so you can lift more weight, which will lead to getting stronger and having the ability to react faster. After the pause, this lift teaches you how to explode past the knee and use the upper body to finish the lift with your traps and arms, all while having a fast rotation around to catch the bar. Just like exploding through a tackle or finishing a run during a football game.

The movement relates very well to football. Pausing at the knee gets you to the “power position” which is usually your stance before the play. I played linebacker in college, so I know that when the ball is snapped you have minimal time to read and then react explosively to the ball to effectively make the play. So when you pull the bar and pause at the knee you are getting into your pre-play stance and are ready to read the play. Then when you explode after the pause, this is you reacting to make the play. This shows how similar these positions are and how it translates over from lifting in the gym to the playing on the field!

Overall, pause at the knee power snatch is a great olympic lift to use for football players. It teaches them patience under tension and then how to explode after. This tool can be used to monitor intensity on the body as well since it is a pause and a power snatch.


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