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Isometric Exercises


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Isometric Exercises

One of the quickest ways to improve technique in all movements is based around isometric exercises.

Athletes struggle with learning high speed, complex movements. When looking for a quick way to teach positioning to athletes of varying degrees, isometrics provide a quick learning tool. Think of isometrics as a dynamic control pattern.

Have the athlete get into positions quickly and then HOLD those positions actively as well. While they are holding positions such as a lunge, a split jerk or even a depth drop, the athlete will feel greater engagement from their trunk and from cocontractions! These skills can slowly be developed through chunking over time and will improve their overall coordination. 

isometric exercise

When using drop lunges, explosive push ups, split jerks and even mini hurdle jumps, have athletes pause for 1-3 seconds to demonstrate control and body comprehension. Do this for the first 2-3 sets of training. As they execute the movement with more precision and control, slowly pull the isometric hold out of their training and see how quickly they execute a cleaner movement pattern!


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