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How To Breathe While Squatting

Squatting is one of the greatest exercises in the world of lifting weights for sports performance. You know this. 

Performing the squat seems simple enough. Sit down and stand back up is what you do at the core of the movement. You can talk about squatting ass to grass, parallel, high bar, low bar, or doing quarter squats. You can even discuss unilateral or bilateral. But no matter what, you will be breathing no matter which squat you are performing. 

how to breathe while squatting

You want to think about a soda can. A soda can is full and tight. If you punch a hole in a soda can, it loses tension. The soda can loses its integrity. 

You want to fill your trunk with air at the top of the squat to be full like the soda can. To do that, you need to fill the air through your belly button. If you are wearing a belt, you want to push your belly button into the belt. 

You will then squat down and drive all the way up. You should not take a breath until you are at the top. Ideally, you want to set the upper back and be tense through the trunk like the unopened soda can. 

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