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How To Behind The Neck Push Press

To perform the behind-the-neck push press, you want to make sure your feet are in an athletic position. That means feet shoulder-width apart with the knees slightly bent. 

When you grab the bar you want to think of pinkies on the rings. If your shoulder width is large, you may want to go one finger over. You then want to get under the bar and stand up like a back squat. 

With the bar on your back, keep your heels down l, quarter squat with a tall chest, and then drive violently and aggressively straight up overhead. Drive the bar using the legs first and make sure the trunk is braced. 

A common mistake you might make doing a behind-the-neck push press can happen from having your hands too wide or having your feet too wide. You may also have your feet too narrow. Either way can result in a loss of power to drive from the dip into the movement. Another thing you might do is limit the dip and drive with the legs and then not be able to finish with the upper body. You always got to make sure to do a complete dip and rice tall until the elbows kick out with the head forward and through. 

With a behind-the-neck push press you can do anywhere from 3 to 6 sets for reps of 3 to 7.


In this blog, we looked at the 3 basic forms of endurance-based training. We also went into depth about mitochondrial functionality. In addition, we provided four protocols that can be used today to improve overall endurance. Give it a go, let us know how it goes, and comment below!  

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