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Best Exercise For Wrestling Endurance

To be in shape for wrestling you have to have a body that is explosive, strong, able to react quickly, has great grip strength, and has excellent power endurance. For wrestling, getting into shape means being able to tap into the aerobic system and still maintain explosiveness and technical skill. 

You want to train the alactic system to be more explosive. You want to train the glycolytic system to be stronger. You want to train the aerobic system to be base support so that you can maintain a higher percentage of the alactic system and glycolytic system over a longer period to be strong repeatedly.

Wrestlers do well when there is a carrot hanging out in front of them. A great means of building aerobic capacity for power endurance can be done by using an assault bike. Doing a long slow distance for 30 minutes and going 12 miles is great to build a base. Doing 100 calories in 5 minutes is another great base builder.

With that said, the best assault bike workout you can do as a wrestler is doing Tabata intervals for three rounds. Each round has 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes. However far you get in that time frame determines how well you have developed your power endurance. A great goal is to hold 80 rpm for the 20 seconds of work and then gear down to 30 rpm for the rest. 

The cool part is that the Tabata is interval based. Wrestling is a sport of extreme intensity done in bursts. Scrambles in wrestling go hard. Tabata interval training on the assault bike simulates that experience. 

Use the assault bike Tabata protocol for 3 minutes to see what type of shape you can get into for wrestling. 

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