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Low bar vs high bar back squat ... Pros and Cons

Ask Dane Anything #3

Client: When is the last time you had fast food?

Dane: What is considered fast food? I have had Elevation Burger (Grass-fed beef) and have Chipotle 1-2 times a month. As far as Burger King or MacDonalds or any of the classic fast food chains, it has been over a decade. The last time I had Burger King was at Penn Relays in 2007 and I vomited in my hotel room.

Client: Do you hate CrossFit? If not, what benefits do you see from it?

Dane: I do not hate it. I think it is an excellent way to unite people around fitness. I believe some boxes struggle to teach poor form and motivate people poorly but I don’t think that is specific to Crossfit. I think group settings bring the most out of people, it unites large groups to work harder and feed off one another's positive energy. CrossFit has also done a tremendous job improving the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

Client: How important is fiber and how much should you get in your diet?

Dane: We have seen fiber decrease rate of heart disease, lower inflammation, improve arthritis and improve the microbiome colony within the gut. I believe it is very important. I recommend 25-30 grams of fiber daily.

Client: How can I incorporate running into my training plan?

Dane: The best forms of running tend to be short sprints, hill sprints, and very long duration, low-intensity jogging. So...either 1-2 days of hard short sprints and short hill sprints or one day a week, do very LOW INTENSITY, long duration jogging. The jogging must be very low intensity.

Client: Why do baseball coaches use speed ladders?

Dane: Because they are ignorant of what can actually target their training goals.

Client: Why don’t you use percentages in training?

Dane: Occasionally, I do use percentages. With many younger athletes on-site, percentages are worthless. Kids percentages of maximum effort vary significantly from day to day. With elite athletes, I tend to use percentage based training significantly more because they have a much older training age.

Client: I think I am already strong enough but I need to get fast...how can GS help with that?

Dane: You aren’t as strong as you think you are...speed improves with better technique, better mechanics, lengthening muscles and improving proprioception. These are all things GS focuses on during training.

Client: Low bar vs high bar...pros and cons?

Dane: I am not a huge fan of low bar squats for most athletes. It can put a serious amount of stress on the lower back and does not mimic propulsion as well as high bar squats. I also have noticed a negative impact on posture in certain sporting movements. With that being said, individuals with long legs may benefit a lot from lower bar squats because it will keep the bar moving over the center of mass a bit more effectively. High bar rules for O-lifters and most athletes!

Client: Speed ladders help with quickness, right?

Dane: No. With speed, we need to see athletes improve turnover and lengthen their stride. The longer their strides are, the faster they will be. Speed ladders train the body to move short and choppy!

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