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The Most Underrated Rep Manipulator: Part 3!!!

 This is our final installment of our isometric series.  Here we will be highlighting the “isometronic” which is one of the more enjoyable ways to use isometrics.  Head over to the dusty power rack in the corner and set up some pins, that’s right...presses in the rack!!!  An easy example of isometronic can be done as follows.

Set a bench in an inclined position, find the weak point at the bottom of the lift, at that weakpoint set up a pair of pins and that will be the designated starting point for the press.  Now find the typical sticking point just prior to lockout and set up a second pair of pins to push the bar INTO!!!  So, the bar will be lifted off of a set of pins, then pushed into another set of pins before it is eccentrically moved back to the pins to a dead stop start position.  

This technique can be used on various pulls, squats and numerous other presses where there are dead zones in the lift. I like to keep the sets to 6 reps or lower BUT I also like to increase the time period that the individual pushes against the top bars.  By the 5th or 6th rep, if the individual can still hold the bar snug against the pins for longer than 7 seconds then it is time to increase some weight.  Use the isometronics appropriately as they can be very taxing on certain individuals because they stimulate the nervous system like a 20 year old dude in a porn shop!  Enjoy.

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