The Dad Life pt. 3 – Garage Strength

The Dad Life pt. 3

The Dad Life, Operation Work


by D.J. Shuttleworth

After Henley’s birth it was nice to have 2 twenty hour weeks. Going back to work full-time was the next big obstacle. After being home so much with the family, leaving to go to work was hard, I genuinely enjoy being around Lauren and Henley. Yes relationships are a lot of work and then adding more work with a kid is an even bigger challenge, but I still love being with them.

Luckily while Lauren was on maternity leave and me having a 4 hour gap in between allowed me to be home so I was very fortunate from that standpoint. The downside is, Henley going to bed between 7-8 at least 2 nights out of the week I wouldn’t see her at night. Along with only being able to spend 1-2 hours with Lauren a night. We both knew our toughest challenge had yet to come, and that was when she went back to work and Henley goes to a babysitter.

This week Lauren went back to work, I drop Henley off at the sitters and Lauren picks her up. One of the hardest things I had to do was drop her off that first day. She is the happiest baby in the mornings, smiling and talking and just loving life. Getting to the sitter, taking her out of the car seat and then kissing her good-bye and handing her over… I didn’t know if I could do it. Driving to work, getting teary eyed, thinking about her smile and laugh and babble was extremely emotional for me.

Henley has been a complete life changer for Lauren and I. The hardest part for me adjusting has definitely been the work aspect in my life. Only being able to see Henley about 26 hours a week and then seeing Lauren about 39 hours per week is not ideal. Finding as much time as I can to be with them is going to be a continuing challenge for me.

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