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Establishing Dreams or Goals. How to do it and how to keep them in perspective.

Establish goals and dreams is a very important part of life. Goals need to be reachable and it needs to be a part of your overall dream. For me my biggest goal and dream in weightlifting right now is to be an olympian. This is not something I take lightly either. I work really hard everyday because I know what I want from this sport.

Establish goals that make sense for you. Be sure to know your limits and know what you can and cannot do. Make these goals realistic so you have a better opportunity to reach that goal. If it is something to high you will only end up letting yourself down. Yes, I do realize my goal of be an olympian is a “high” goal, But I know I can do it. Establish life goals as well. Like getting a job, having kids, and buying a house. Always having dreams in the back of your head keep you going and keep you motivated to succeed.

Every goal and every dream made needs to be kept into perspective and needs to be worked at everyday. The dreams and goals you set need to be thought about everyday and all decisions need to be made with all these goals in the back of your mind. Everything you do will affect that end goal. Whether it is skipping a rep during your workout or slacking at work, the success of your goals and your dreams is 100% in your hands at all times.

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