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Snatch Balance

Snatch Balance

Have you ever seen a powerlifter do a snatch balance? Many athletes struggle to drop into the bottom position of the snatch. This prevents them from achieving their best performance AND gives them a nice excuse to avoid the exercise. 

Fortunately, many athletes will benefit significantly from the snatch balance. The snatch balance can be done from a rack or from jerk boxes. The snatch balance can improve drop time in the snatch, a key metric for improving snatch performance. The snatch balance helps the athlete learn what it feels like to properly change direction while engaging the upper back and trunk together through the heels.

The snatch balance is an incredible tool that once mastered, will lead to a 10-12% increase in performance. Apply the snatch balance with these key tips. 

Snatch Balance

Do the snatch balance to warm up for a snatch session or use the snatch balance as a general mobility exercise. Start very light to discover the tempo and rhythm of the snatch balance. Do this twice a week for 5-7 sets of 2-4 reps. Many world class lifters will even claim that a 4 or 5 rep snatch balance personal record should predict the result of the competitive snatch. 

That means it is time to get hammering on the snatch balance and it’s transfer to the platform!


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