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I Tried The Liver King Diet

I Tried The Liver King Diet

The Liver King is Brian Johnson of Ancestral Supplements and is a social media king right now. His diet is liver, eggs, maple syrup, and testes.

My diet is typically meat, broth, organs, raw milk, potato, and junk food.

Does Brian shave his chest? Yes! Do I? Sometimes. Does Brian, the Liver King, rhymes with Tiger King, have a beard? Yes. It is a sweet beard. Do I have a beard? At the moment, yes.

Is Mr. Johnson bald? No, not at all. Me? Yes, yes I am bald. I am very bald. Is the Liver King using Proviron and/or Masteron? Crickets…Me? Nah.

Does the Liver King live in an ancestral house? No way is that McMansion ancestral. Me? Maybe? That’s if you count a Sears and Roebucks house. Leave that one with a shoulder shrug.

Both of us do not receive an ancestral income. However, we both do exercise. Brian is a big proponent for exercise and getting out in the sun and eating healthy food. That’s what is brand is about. Of course I love exercise, particularly the deadlift though I almost never program it for my athletes.

Finally, who has the bigger bench press? I do, duh.

Liver King Diet

Day 1

I love raw ground beef with salt. I started with about three ounces from the shank I ate. Eating like the Liver King immediately made me meal prep. Meal prepping is good because I became aware of my macros instantly. I also made a shake of collagen and protein with water, along with raw camel milk. I used Earth Fed Muscle supplements. I also had raw liver and raw bone marrow in my raw ground beef.

The raw milk is delicious and easy to digest for me. It has a lot of potent antioxidants. I scarfed the meal down, particularly because I love maple syrup. My biggest problem with the raw meat is how stringy it is. More about the texture than the taste.

I make bone broth all the time. Before this experience, I don’t think I have ever had raw bone marrow. It tastes like nothing. A weird texture. Almost like dry tooth-paste.

Then I got to the raw eggs. I poured the egg whites out onto the roof. It is the PA way of eating raw eggs. I separated the egg white from the egg yolk. I put the yolks on top of the raw beef. I really like runny eggs. I just threw it all together and called it a casserole.

A big part of eating raw meat is knowing where the food is coming from. Fortunately, one of our in-house graphic designer’s parents own and operate a farm with grass fed cows. My brother is also a farmer so the meat I ate came from great sources.

The Liver King does a good job of not asking too crazy of a concept. It is two ounces of liver. It isn’t that much.

I must say it was weird getting filmed while eating. Anyway, my next meal was some raw bone marrow, ten ounces of red meat with potatoes in it as well. I also had some home-made yogurt. I couldn’t be lazy on this diet.

I cooked my giant rib-eye steak but while it cooked, I ate the raw liver and bone marrow. Again, weird texture with the bone marrow. The steak was cooked plenty. Had some avocado and sweet potato with it.

Day one done and easy. Not that hard.

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Day 2

Raw yogurt, protein and collagen, raw egg yolks, raw beef, and bone marrow, camel milk, EFM whey protein, and raw liver. The protein powder tastes like mint girl scout cookies. The liver grew on me quickly.

I tend to like carbohydrates so beans, rice, and oatmeal are mainstays of my diet. The Liver King only eats avocados and sweet potatoes so I decided to have them every night.

One specific aspect to this style of eating is how the brain responds to the eating. The food doesn’t taste bad but it doesn’t taste really good. It isn’t ice-cream. The food reward system isn’t as high eating like the Liver King so you don’t overeat.

For lunch, ate some raw liver. Acted a full by doing it.

At home for dinner I ate large before my 24 hour Liver King fast. I ate bone marrow, liver, some nut butter, and cooked some burgers, steaks, sweet potatoes, and avocados. I washed it down with some milk. Whole family ate at the table.

I started my fast at 7:30 PM.

Day 3

Had bone broth ready to go at 2 PM. Still had about six hours left before the meal.

With about two hours left on the fast, I admit, I was pretty hungry. The good thing about the fast is you have to show some self-control. I found going for walks with my family really helped distract my mind. I admit, I did get a little irritable while fasting.

I broke the fast with a raw egg. The egg yolk coats the gut nice. I followed that up with some raw liver and a fat wad of bone marrow. I seasoned a steak, cooked it, and gobbled it down.

Day 4

I enjoyed the fast so much the day before, I decided to fast for 18 hours. I also decided to bring a new organ into the mix. That organ being the heart. Heart tastes like a poor man's roast beef. I think the heart is overrated from a tastebud perspective; it isn’t as good as the liver.

Few days left.

Day 5

I tested positive for Covid.

I’m double vaccinated. I mainly felt body soreness and had a bit of a headache. My symptoms were mild.

With that said, I just kept eating the Liver King diet.

My first meal with Covid began with two raw egg yolks. Now I know the Liver King isn’t a big fan of greens, but me having Covid and wanting my gut feeling super healthy I smashed some raw sauerkraut. I went slightly off of Liver King. Whatever, I did have two bowls of bone broth with bone marrow. I had some stewed meat as well.

Day 6

I went outside for a walk without a shirt. It was like 10 degrees. I think it helped my chest open up. The things I do to get a thumbnail image. I just chewed on some raw heart. 

Day 7

Last day. My big goal was to get a lot of bone broth in me. I continued to gnaw on the heart. The texture of the heart is way better than the liver. I liked my raw liver flavored with cayenne. Raw egg yolks being added expedited the prospect of helping the gut.

Regardless, there is benefit from vegetables. With that said, I actually think the Liver King diet is pretty reasonable. I enjoyed the diet.


I survived Covid.

The Liver King diet with its meal prepping helped a lot. The meal prepping made things convenient and stopped me from over eating. The raw flavors are a little peculiar and strange. That said, I don’t think the diet is that horrible.

The Liver King is promoting exercise, family time, and eating whole foods. I think it is appropriate that he is promoting understanding where the food is sourced from. It is very appropriate.

We also have to bring up the Liver King’s clear deception. His physique is not the result of just ancestral living. We also need to bring up his business partner, CarnivoreMD2.0, and the two of them are in cahoots. The Liver King is marketing to the bros and over the top people while the CarnivoreMD is delivering the selling points to the more academic mindset. They own supplement companies together. The Liver King also comments with what is essentially a bot. He commented on Zach Telander’s channel with the exact same comment that he used on our video.

Just be aware the deception being used to increase the depth of someone’s financial profits.

Besides, our ancestors were omnivores.

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