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Learning to Full Snatch


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Learn to Full Snatch

Snatching in the full squat can be one of the most challenging exercises to learn in the world of sports performance. Here are some simple tips to improve a snatch position in the full squat. 

Use three movements and execute them repetitively. Start with a power snatch, catching the movement above 90 degrees and then work into PAUSE overhead squats. Do this for 5-6 sets of 3-4 reps. 

The second exercise can be more of a super set. Start by pressing the bar off your back with a snatch grip while standing. Progress into the hole and press off your back while sitting in the full squat position. 

Do snatch presses and pair that with barbell snatch practice getting deep into the bottom position with the full snatch movement. 

The third movement happens at a higher speed. We have found great success with high hang full snatch, raise the bar to the hip position with a snatch grip, lower to above the knee, start the hang snatch and react quickly into the catch.

Learn to Snatch

Many athletes create a better timing with hang snatches and this carries over well to the full snatch. 

Warm up with the snatch presses for 3-4 sets every single day you will be snatching. Once a week use the power snatch with a pause overhead squat and once a week use the high hang snatch. This will lead to an improved position in the full snatch. 


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