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Best Weightlifting Apps in 2024 (Athlete Picks + Complete List)

Finding a coach you can trust or that you are willing to let train you is a BIG STEP in anyone’s fitness journey. If you are on a school or club team, sometimes a coach is chosen for you. When it comes to your physical fitness, that decision is a little more personal. 

There are more options than just working with a coach online or in-person. If you do not have the time or budget for working with a direct coach, using a weightlifting app might be in the cards for you.

Weightlifting apps can handle a lot of different functions like providing programs, tracking nutrition, workout tracking, and providing workout data. So let’s look at Garage Strength’s top picks for the best weightlifting apps in 2024. 

Best Overall Weightlifting App

Top Pick: Peak Strength

There are a lot of factors that go into determining the “best weightlifting app”. It’s hard to pick just one because there are so many functions, features, and use cases that can make a good product.

When it comes down to it, the core of any weightlifting app is the programming. The training program you follow will be the guide that leads you to success. This is where Peak Strength shines.

Peak Strength uses a unique take on block periodization to develop consistent progress over the course of multiple programs. Each program learns and builds off the last.

The variety of programming spans across periodization for over 30 sports, strength sports like weightlifting and powerlifting, and general fitness goals like weight loss and bodybuilding. Each block lasts about 4 weeks and the goal of the app is to peak users to achieve their highest performance based on a date of your choosing.

Note: A “peak” is a goal date or time frame where you are at your strongest or able to achieve your goal. This could be a lifting meet, championship game, or even swimsuit season.

Some of the best features in Peak Strength include PR tracking across all exercise variations, training programs personalized to the equipment you have available, and a detailed exercise library with over 700 options.

Unfortunately, Peak Strength currently lacks the ability to track nutrition and advanced progress reports so you’ll need to use additional apps like MyFitnessPal or the 1stPhorm app as a supplement to your resistance training. The team has plans to incorporate this type of reporting in late 2024 or early 2025


  • Programming specific to both sports and general fitness goals.
  • Self-learning strength programs that develop with your progress.
  • Easy-to-use interface for daily workouts.
  • A library of 700+ tutorial videos and learning resources.


  • Primarily a strength training app - no nutrition tracking.
  • Lack of advanced reports that track progress over time.
  • No tracking for recovery and sleep.
  • Only a 7-day free trial.

Bottom Line

Peak Strength is the go-to weightlifting app for people and athletes that have a long term vision. Backed up with over 15 years of research and real world implementation, the $40 per month subscription is a steal compared to the cost of most custom programming available online, essentially less than the cost of a tank of gas (or a ride-share in the city).

You can start the 7-day free trial at or by downloading it from the Apple IOS or Google Play store for Android devices.

Best Weightlifting App for General Fitness

Top Pick: FitBod

For most gym-goers, they have a specific goal: muscle toning, losing weight, and improving strength. FitBod is ready to support all aspects of your training in the gym and give you a program that you’ll enjoy using day in and day out.

Other reviews have mentioned FitBod as the best weightlifting app for beginners - it’s definitely one of the easier apps to use! FitBod does a great job at taking in a lot of information about the user and creating a basic, but very personalized program that caters to your goals.

The weights can be pretty conservative in the beginning, but FitBod is another app that will learn and develop with you over time.

You will be able to clearly see your progress over time with graphs and progress trackers to help keep you accountable. FitBod even provides anatomical diagrams that visualize what muscles you’re hitting during workouts and recommendations on recovery.


  • In-depth reporting and graphs for tracking progress.
  • MASSIVE 1,000+ strong exercise library.
  • Programmed sets, reps, and weight recommendations for every workout.
  • Personalized programming based on equipment, goals, and experience level.


  • No timeline for end goal or peak date.
  • Weight recommendations may be too easy for more advanced users.
  • Basic workout splits in common public programs.  
  • Limited free trial (only 3 workouts).

Bottom Line

FitBod is undoubtedly one of the most popular and best weightlifting apps available. It definitely does a good job personalizing workout routines to meet the goals of every user. With a price tag of only $13 a month after the initial free trial, it’s more affordable than other apps for the features it provides. Highly recommended for beginners and general fitness users, but more advanced athletes may want to look elsewhere.

You can try FitBod for free at or or by downloading it from the Apple IOS or Google Play store for Android devices.

Best Free Weightlifting App

Top Pick: Boostcamp

The Boostcamp app is a rapidly growing, freemium workout app that enables you to choose from well over 50 free workout programs to help with your progress in the gym, at your own pace. Each program is written by renowned coaches from all different walks of life, from bodybuilding to weightlifting.

You are not limited in program choices either, no matter your skill set or goals, as Boostcamp is an app that gives you the option to choose difficulty from the beginner, intermediate, and expert programs.

If you don’t want to follow a premade program, that’s not a problem with Boostcamp. Within the app, you can also create your own workouts and track your progress.


  • Large selection and variety of training programs premade by coaches.
  • Freedom and ability to create your own program.
  • Freemium payment model.
  • Network of partner coaches.


  • No programs for nutrition.
  • Basic UX/UI
  • Minimal programs for sport performance & athletes 

Bottom Line

Too many times do people follow cookie cutter programs that lead them nowhere, and are left wondering why they didn’t make any progress. Boostcamp is the solution to finding and creating unique programs that work for you, and help you with making progress.

Among the other fitness apps on this list, Boostcamp is committed to making high quality programming easily accessible for any person looking to progress in their fitness journey. You can start with Boostcamp for free here:

Best Weightlifting App for Bodybuilding

Top Pick: BodyFit

Developed by, BodyFit is going to be our top pick for the best weightlifting app for bodybuilding. Similar to many general training apps, BodyFit offers a range of programs for specific goals like weight loss, building muscle, and getting LEAN AF!

Although, in the culture of bodybuilding, bodybuilders like to experiment and learn from the training of other bodybuilders. Industry favorites like Arnold Schwarzaneggar, Ronnie Coleman, Mike Mentzer, or Phil Heath are examples that many bodybuilders try to replicate with training. That is what BodyFit allows its users to do - train like the big names in the sport.

Although the programs are not personalized specific to each individual user, you can search the app for programs made by coaches and professionals. You can look based on what goal you want to achieve or based on the training style that you prefer.

Along with the strength training program that can be accessed in BodyFit, users will also be able to find nutrition programs and hundreds of hours of educational material to really dial in your physique.


  • Science-backed programs from coaches and professionals.
  • Educational resources on nutrition, recovery, and training.
  • Affordable $7 per month subscription.
  • Discounts with supplements partnered with


  • Does not support adaptable programming.
  • No free trial.
  • Most programs are specific to bodybuilding goals.
  • Inconsistent quality of programs based on the author.

Bottom Line

For the price of $7 a month, BodyFit provides really solid resources for people committed to their bodybuilding journey. The resources require time on your part to read and put into action so there is not a lot that is “done for you” per say. Although, it's priceless if you are looking to build your own bodybuilding routine from scratch.

Finding programs that meet your goals and that have been used before is not hard to do, but once a program is done, it’s done. You either have to follow it through again or find a new program to follow.

Find a program that works for you here, at 

Best Weightlifting App for Powerlifting

Top Pick: JuggernautAI

Powerlifting is arguably the most popular strength sport in the world and one of the staples of powerlifting training is JuggernautAI. Over the past 5 years, accomplished powerlifter and coach, Chad Wesley Smith, has been developing and improving the system that 140,000 users trust.

JuggernautAI is a powerlifter’s dream for completely custom programming, as the initial assessment is very in-depth. The app takes into account your recovery, previous PRs, experience, and more to create a training schedule specifically for you.

The goals of JuggernautAI are limited, but ultimately the goal is to get you STRONG AF! Improving the progress of your squat, bench press, and deadlift is the core function of this app.

Some of the features that really stand out include the advanced reporting, self-learning programs, and even a meet day advisor to cover all the bases of powerlifting.


  • Extensive user base and support community.
  • Highly personalized programming specific to powerlifting.
  • Advance tracking and reporting.
  • Meet day advisor feature.


  • Very specific to powerlifting oriented athletes.
  • No cardio workouts.
  • Premium price tag at $35 per month.
  • Advanced and loaded dashboard that may be intimidating to some.

Bottom Line

For powerlifters, there’s no better tool in your arsenal or value that you’re going to get for $35 a month. For programming and accountability, the value of JuggernautAI is enormous and it’s hard to find an online coach that will put so much attention to detail into your programming for any less than $50 a month.

However, if you’re not looking to pursue powerlifting or powerbuilding, there are more affordable and adaptable workout apps that you can use. At least give it a try with a nice 2 week trial at

Best Weightlifting App for Olympic Weightlifters

Top Pick: Weighlifting.AI

Olympic weightlifting requires very specific periodization to properly peak and hit maximal weights during a competition. The guys over at Weightlifting House have created an easy to use solution - Weightlifting.AI.

Backed by years of experience and 4 elite coaches behind the development, Weightlifting.AI is a weightlifting app strictly for Olympic weightlifting. The app allows for a high level of customization through the selection of training days, training emphasis, and peak/testing date.

The workouts provided are a good mix of programming for beginners and advanced athletes. The weight recommendations are a bit on the conservative side, but they can be adjusted by users as they see fit.

Weightlifting.AI also sports a readiness feature, similar to JuggernautAI, so users are tracking workouts and get more personalized weight recommendations.


  • Made for beginner and advanced weightlifters.
  • Adaptive weight recommendations based on previous sets.
  • Exercise adjustments and swapping.
  • Peak/testing date of your choosing.


  • Specific to olympic weightlifting.
  • No nutritional guidance.
  • Basic UX/UI.
  • $40 per month price tag.

Bottom Line

This is an app for weightlifters made by weightlifters. That’s about it. Weightlifting.AI is similar to JuggernautAI - but for Olympic weightlifting. You’ll get a customized program that is self-learning and easy to follow based on your previous experience and future goals.

You can start your two week free trial with the code twoweektrial at

Best Weightlifting App for CrossFit

A program, the ability to log workouts, nutrition tracking, and detailed reporting. What else would you need as a CrossFit athlete? BeyondTheWhiteboard is literally the one-stop-shop for everything you need to house your training in one place.

Primarily a fitness app for tracking your training, BTWB also provides stand alone programs for purchase. Although it doesn’t have a self-learning and personalized program for every user, there are a lot of ways around that with so many gyms posting their WODs publicly.

The app is very user-friendly and the ease of navigation makes it a favorite amongst beginners and veterans alike. BTWB also has an offering for entire gyms so that teams can stay connected and manage their progress together.


  • Extremely in-depth tracking for training.
  • Nutrition tracking (macros, micronutrients, calories, etc.)
  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced crossfit workouts.
  • Affordability.


  • Not ideal for someone looking just for programming.
  • Better user experience within a large group.
  • Does not provide personalized programming.

Bottom Line

BeyondTheWhiteboard is a great tool for any crossfit athlete or any gym that takes their tracking seriously. If you want to create your own programs and log them in the app, then you’re in the right place. If you want an app that will provide the workouts for you and evolve with you over time, you will have to find another app.

Start your free trial of BeyondTheWhiteboard here:

Best Weightlifting App for Athletes and Teams

Top Pick: Peak Strength

Across sports, programming varies very heavily. Something like football would need significantly different workouts, exercises, and weights compared to a sport like swimming. Peak Strength is going to provide programming across over 30 sports for strength training in-season and out of season.

Peak Strength also goes a step further and provides custom programs for positions within sports like quarterbacks in football or pitchers within baseball. This app goes beyond the typical weight room session. Programs prioritize olympic lifts to develop athleticism through technical coordination, absolute strength, and core stability.

The app allows teams to have similar workouts, but specific recommendations to each athlete. Peak Strength works and programs for athletes of all ages from youth athletes all the way through the master's levels.

Peak Strength is great for long term development of athletes over the course of at least 1 month. Peak Strength does not support creating any programs that are less than 2 weeks long.


  • Workouts and programs for specific sports and positions.
  • Exercises and resources across all age groups.
  • Scalable for teams.
  • Workout tracker with rest timer and difficulty inputs.


  • $40 per month for individual users.
  • Weight recommendations may be aggressive for athletes younger than 15.
  • Does not support 7 day a week programs.

Bottom Line

Peak Strength does something that not a lot of weightlifting apps do - use olympic lifts to improve performance! This can intimidate some athletes, but the app does ask users their experience with olympic lifts. Peak Strength is by far the most advanced app for providing strength programming for sports performance.

You can start the 7-day free trial at or by downloading it from the Apple IOS or Google Play store for Android devices.

Why You Should Use a Fitness App


Custom programming from a high level strength coach can cost anywhere from $50 to upwards of $150 a month. For athletes that may be on a budget or do not prioritize a sport in their life, a training app is a good solution.

Weightlifting apps can take on many roles and all the apps on this list provide more value than for what they cost. The accessibility to adjust training programs, start new ones, and have a tool that knows your abilities, maybe better than yourself, is priceless for making progress in the gym.


If you’ve ever bought a custom program from a coach, you know the struggle of waiting for a new program after you’ve just completed one. Trust me, I’m guilty, like nearly all human coaches, of leaving athletes without a program for a day or two once in a while.

Having a continuous program that adapts over time is going to be the most efficient way to get consistent programming. Although you may not get the same feedback as an in-person or online coach, some weightlifting apps like Peak Strength offer communities for users to interact and discuss technique.

Custom Training Program

Even when an online coach creates a program for their clients, it might be hard to remember their maxes. They wouldn’t be a very good coach if they didn’t know where their client struggles the most, but it still might be hard to pinpoint.

Using a weightlifting app to get custom programming takes all the guesswork on what weight to use during a training session. It also takes out the selection process on the specific exercises you need to do for achieving your specific goal.

Key Takeaways

Using one of the workout apps on this list does not make you a bad person. As a coach, it only hurts my feelings a little when athletes choose to work with software as compared to working with me. But there are silver linings to using weightlifting apps and other tools on your fitness journey.

Some apps like Peak Strength and BeyondTheWhiteboard will help coaches support their athletes through the software, so there is actually a way to combine the real world with evolving fitness tech.

Just ensure that when you are selecting your weightlifting app, that it aligns with your physical goals first and then fill in the blanks if it’s not an all-in-one solution. Which one are you going to try?

Individualized Training App

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