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Banded Push Ups


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Banded Push Ups

There are few things more frustrating than hitting a bench press plateau. The efforts in the gym seem worthless, the gains are stagnant and there is little to no muscular hypertrophy. In a few weeks of experiencing the plateau, the triceps feel pathetic, the shoulders feel flaccid and no longer do the youth medium shirts fit tightly. 

There is no better solution to busting through the bench plateau than by smashing push ups. Banded push ups for that matter! Why banded? Over the years at Garage Strength, athletes have hit 50 clap push ups a night when their bench press plateaus. This seems to be a great way to bust through the wall. In comes the 50 banded push ups. Banded push ups force greater tension at the top of the push up, forcing more recruitment from the triceps AND the shoulders. Rarely, are there movements that can smash both the triceps and shoulders during a press. 

The first step is to pick up the Strength Powerlastic band. This band wraps perfectly through the hands and around the back. The loops provide a perfect place to hold the hands all while hitting that intense tension at the top of the pattern. 

banded push ups

Banded push ups can be done two to three times a week. Early on, most athletes see a massive surge in their bench press because of the increase in volume. As the individual progresses through the weeks, cut back one day and execute banded push ups just twice a week. When the athlete executes the movement, have them focus on a hard DRIVE in the lockout and as they creep closer to failure, be sure to have them focus on the isometric action during lock.

Banded push ups are great with this rep scheme:

5 x 10-17


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