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Leg Day


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Leg Day

Is leg day really that important for strength gains? Should people hit leg day on a regular basis?

Leg day is one of the mythical training days behind resistance based workouts. Many people fear leg day. Will they be able to walk the next day? How hard will they have to push? Will their back hurt? 

These are legit questions but they need to be answered! Leg day can improve overall strength because of the neural drive needed to execute compound exercises that stimulate growth from leg day. Leg day can also improve mobility in the hips and lower back when executed properly. Leg day is another case of transfer of training. Anecdotally, many clients have experienced a massive increase in their bench press and upper body movements when they push themselves harder on leg day. 

Leg Day

When leg day rolls around, have a distinct goal of what to accomplish on the day. Is it around improving back squat or the deadlift? Then that lift needs to be the focus. Hit leg day at least twice a week if there needs to be drastic changes in strength or body composition. One leg day can focus on compound movements while the second leg day can focus on unilateral exercises. Leg day creates an improvement in neural drive, a massive hormonal response and better understanding of body mechanics. These reasons alone are the key behind crushing leg day! 


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