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Back and Bicep Workout


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Back and Bicep Workout

Back and bicep workouts should not exist!

Dead serious. Ok, ok, if you are using back and bicep workouts for pre-fatigue purposes, that’s fine. But seriously, hear me out. If we are looking for absolute big gains in muscular strength and even muscular hypertrophy, we know that agonist/antagonist supersetting is most effective. So what does this mean for back and bicep workouts ? It takes them to this…

Back and bicep workout now becomes back and TRICEP workouts! Now we can target our back and fatigue our biceps as well during the back exercises but then stimulate a higher rate of recovery by smashing our tricep heads. Follow this schemed for a quick fix to your back and bicep workout. 

back and bicep workout

Get into the weight room and warm up your lats with Powerlastic lat pulls followed by PVC pipe push ups. Here is a simple 2 part workout to blow up your back and triceps:

1A) weighted pull ups 4 x 5/2 x fail

1B) Incline french press 4 x 7/2 x 17

2A) T Bar Row 5 x 17

2B) Powerlastic Ghostface Kickbacks 5 x 25

This back and bicep workout just turned into a slaughtered back and tricep workout that will elicit a TON of sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. 


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