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Could squatting heavy give you a hemorrhoid?

Ask Dane Anything #4

Client: My weight is 260lbs, I want to be 220lbs...what should my daily caloric intake be?

Dane: I would put your caloric intake slightly below 3,000 calories and see how you feel. Over a few weeks, this would slowly lower as the weight comes off and you feel better with a caloric deficit.

Client: I drink a lot of water but never feel hydrated...why?

Dane: You may be drinking more caffeine than you recognize. Caffeine is an incredible drug but it can also lead to significant dehydration if fluids are not managed appropriately.

Client: I weigh 193lbs. I am cutting to 175-180lbs as a bodybuilder. What should my carb intake be vs caloric intake?

Dane: You should be consuming a minimum of 210 carbs. Carbs and protein are key for being anabolic for a bodybuilder!

Client: How happy are you about the Patriots winning?

Dane: Absolutely! They are the greatest franchise ever...even if their owner hires hookers.

Client: Could squatting heavy give you a hemorrhoid? If so, what is the best treatment?

Dane: Anything is possible regarding a hemorrhoid. Pushing too hard on the shitter could also cause that or having poor control of your core strength! Focus on breathing well, using your core while lifting weights and being aware of movement inefficiencies. For treatment, see a doctor.

Client: Top five most important lifts for a baseball player?

Dane: Snatches, DB external rotation, pull-ups, single leg squats, and DB benches

Client: Should you roll your IT band out? Why?

Dane: Yes, roll it out and stretch it. Loosen the fascia, get the tissue more pliable and then lengthen it will stretches!

Client: What are your top 5 drinks for hydration?

Dane: Water, Revival, raw milk, Kombucha and bone broth with salt!

Client: If I fight in MMA, what are the best movements I can do regarding gymnastics?

Dane: I think basic tumbling skills are key for MMA. Changing directions rapidly and knowing how to handle forces from different angles is key for optimal performance in fighting.

Client: How do you know if you actually have a hernia?

Dane: You go to the doctor and get it checked out.

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