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How Important is a Daily Routine?

Daily routines are crucial in life performance. Not having a consistent routine allows your mind and body to wander and will lead to lower performances in everyday life and sport. Routines should be made for everything you do. Brushing your teeth, taking protein, working out, ext. Make your life easier with routines!

Work life Routine: Having a working routine will lead to better performance at your job. Always know what the task is coming into work and have an order of execution for that task. Having a routine at work will keep you accountable and it will allow you to always get the work done. Map out your work day in time frames and fill those spots with what needs to get done. Having a job is already a routine. You have the same schedule every week and it is set in stone. Just make sure you have a schedule for what goes on during the day at your work. a lot

Morning Routine: Morning routines are so important for daily performance. A slow or rough start in the morning will mess up the whole day! Get in a solid routine of waking up and meditate/prayer or whatever will get your mind ready for the day. Stay on a consistent breakfast and hygiene routine. This will keep you from getting stressed out and it will allow you to be more prepared to execute your goals throughout the day.

Family Routine: We all have family or people that are closed to use and we all work a lot. Getting in a good routine of family time either before or after work is crucial in mental development. The more you are away from your friends and family the harder it is to function properly at your everyday job/tasks. Have planned time with these loved ones and make it happen every day.

Workout Routine: This routine is, in my opinion, the most important. Being an Olympic weightlifter myself, I find it crucial to have a routine. Find warm-ups before lifting that work for you and do them every day in the same order. Get in a yoga routine during the day to stay mobile. Your diet should be routine which will make your body feel the same every single day.

Routines eliminate surprises in your life, and surprise can cause anxiety and a lack of response. Have steps in your life to do all the things you love/have to do on a daily basis and you will make your life better. It's okay to break the barrier of a routine sometimes and do things on the fly. Just remember when its time to get

back to reality, have a routine.

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