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Consistency vs. Athletic Ability

Almost 10 full years at Garage Strength, I have seen numerous different athletes. I have seen the hard working consistent athlete all the way to the athlete that has the talent in the world, and so much more in between. So what athletes are the best to train? How do you get athletes to keep coming? Why is it more important to come to the gym consistently than being gifted? You don't really understand these questions fully until you see it for yourself. Gifted is nice, but consistency is key.

Let's start with the hard-working consistent athlete. These athletes are typically not as gifted. They are the ones that have worked hard their whole lives just to play on a team and be good at their role. They know hard work will get them to where they want to go and if they consistently do that, they can raise their ceiling. Ceiling meaning the highest athletic ability they can achieve.

After the hard-working athlete comes to the gifted athletes that don't work hard. There is a no tolerance policy for these athletes. They think they don't need to abide by the rules or don't need to work hard because of their size, speed, basically their gift they are wasting. They are also typically late to everything and have no understanding of the discipline. These athletes are usually the super gifted ones that never reach their full potential.

Next is the gifted athlete that works hard, but isn't consistent. They come and workout and you see how great they could be. Come in, have the correct body type, bust their butt in the weight room, you tell them they better be back and then don't show up for weeks to months at a time. The gifted athletes that could have been great if they just showed up a little more, this lowers their ceiling athletically.

The rare, this group is special. The rare are the kids that are talented, work hard, and show up consistently. I call this the rare because this type of athlete is maybe once every two to five years. These athletes are special during their sport and know they still have to work hard to achieve their dreams and push their ceiling to heights they couldn't even imagine because we see the gift, and they don't know it yet.

In conclusion, the hard working consistent athletes are the athletes you need to be a successful gym. Garage Strength has been blessed to have coached many. And yes we have had every kind of athlete listed above. The most disappointing is when you see the potential in a kid and they don't want to work hard or don't show up. The greatest award is seeing the hard-working, consistent athlete hit a goal they never thought they could achieve. The greatest achievement is getting the hard-working, consistent gifted athlete to the place they knew they could be, but couldn't get to if they hadn't worked hard. Have to love Garage Strength and seeing the progress of all athletes.

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