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7 Ways to Balance Training to Become an Elite Athlete While also Working to Develop a Career

7 Ways to Balance Training to Become an Elite

Athlete While also Working to Develop a Career

  1. Know what's most important at that time: Both of these things have to have a lot of focus, and it's hard to do them both at once. Finding what's the most important task at different times throughout the day is very important. You need to make a schedule for yourself so you do not lose track of what's going on. When it is 11AM it is time to train, and that's all that should be focused on. Then after that needs to be work and recovery in between.
  2. Time management: You HAVE to be good at managing your time. Every part of your day will be taken up and a schedule needs to be followed! Make sure when you are at work you are working. Make a difference between your time at training and your time at work.
  3. Time to yourself: It super important for me to have time to myself and to do things that I really enjoy doing outside of the gym. Keeping yourself calm and happy outside of work and being an athlete is super important when it comes to balance. Having time to yourself to rest and recovery will keep your head level and keep you refreshed.
  4. Make your hobby your sport: It's easy to balance what you do if you’re doing what you love. It's easy for me to time manage in weightlifting because it’s easy for me to do! I truly want to come in everyday and lift so I always make time for it. You could also develop a hobby within your sport. Maybe you use weightlifting more as a job but enjoy coaching more. You could then use weightlifting to coach so you actually enjoy it.
  5. Realize that you will always be busy: The sooner this is realized the better off you will be. Busy is an understatement when talking about weightlifting and work. I always thought it was good to make yourself busy all the time that way you won't ever get used to being free.
  6. Treat your sport like your career: Treating your sport like a career allows equal focus to be made on both things. A lot of discipline and work needs to be put into your career in order for you to achieve want you want. Same goes with your sport if you make them the same thing. It takes a lot to be an elite athlete, just like it takes a lot to be good at your job.
  7. Have an end goal: Have an end goal in life that can be made for being an elite athlete and can also be made for your career. Balancing two things with the same or similar end goal will make it easy to balance.
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