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5 Ways to Take Coaching Criticism

5 Ways to Take Coaching Criticism

  1. Listen: When getting a technical cue from your coach all you need to do is listen and make the corrections. You do not need to give him your input. Also, you need to know that he is not trying or be mean or tear you down, he's trying to help you grow and achieve all the goals you make for yourself. Listen to how he wants you to make corrections. Do not make them how you feel is necessary. Your coach knows more than you!
  2. They are Only Trying to Make you Better, Do not let it hurt you: Don't take everything to heat. Everything that is said is said to help you in the long run. Coaches give criticism so that the athlete can get better. The quicker you learn to listen to the criticism and your coach the better you will be.
  3. Sit Down and Talk About the Daily Plan: Plan for 5 minutes of criticism before each training session so that the coach and the athlete are both on the same page during the lift. This will make taking criticism during training a lot easier because a plan was already formed. This daily plan will also let the athlete know what the focus is for that training session.
  4. Do Not Give Feedback Unless Asked: Coaches do not want your opinion. When they tell you about a correction you need to acknowledge it and work to fix it the next repetition. Giving feedback means you are questioning the coaching. This will ultimately tell your coach that you do not trust what he is saying and will create a bad relationship between the coach and the athlete.
  5. Write Down The Criticism to Work on: During the sit down with your coach write down all the things he said you need to improve on for the day/week. Then during your training session you can reference back to the paper and stay better focused on making those corrections. Also, having a paper with things on it will help you engrain it better in your brain.
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