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Strict Press

Strict Press

Powerlifters suck at strict pressing. A grown man strict pressing 400+ pounds. Imagine the size of the shoulders and triceps to execute such a driving position. 

This was a story recently told to me by Tim Swords, Two Time Olympic coach and former NFL football player. Tim’s family had FOUR Power 5 football players. Their dad taught them two things about training. Hit power cleans and execute the strict press. 

The strict press can improve tricep recruitment while leading to massive boulder shoulders. This turns into a bigger bench press and tremendous size. Bring in the discussion of dynamic trunk control used to brace the trunk while driving the weight overhead and all of a sudden we realize that A LOT of athletes are missing out on crushing the strict press. 

Typically, strict pressing can be done once a week but over 6-10 sets of pressing. If a second day is added, do the strict press from a seated position or strict press from a kneeling position which will engage the glute along with the trunk. This movement is a tremendous exercise to enhance size and sports performance! 


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