Being patient in the Olympic lifts is extremely difficult. There is a need for aggressiveness, for violent movement all while being in complete control.  When our athletes begin to short change their finish, numerous factors can come into play.  Slowing down lifts and forcing an exaggerated, GROUNDED pull is imperative to get the technical goals across to the lifter.  Here are a few movements or corrections that can be used to improve the finish:

  1. Make sure the athlete has a proper stance that is not too wide. (Move their feet more narrow if need be.)
  2. No feet movements. These variations enforce a long, grounded pull without jumping their feet all over the place!
  3. MUSCLE Movements and Tall movements.  Muscle snatches and Tall Snatches reinforce the principle of a long grounded lift with an aggressive upper body.  These can carryover well to the competitive lifts if they are executed properly.
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