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Kang Squat

Kang Squat

Good morning squats are good for you? Ok, maybe they aren’t the absolute best exercise but there is an assistance exercise to the back squat that is a phenomenal tool for growth. 

The kang squat is one of the most underrated movements for lighting up the posterior chain. Think of the kang squat as a combination movement of the good morning and the frog squat. The kang squat forces a tremendous lengthening of the hamstrings, followed by long time under tension for the quads. There are a few key benefits to using the kang squat to improve squatting performance. 

First, the kang squat can bulletproof the lower back. If the kang squat is done with a slow eccentric, the lower back recruits in a proper sequencing with the hamstrings. Second, the kang squat can help with ankle mobility which brings up the third benefit of the kang squat. This style of squatting can improve knee health in many athletes because the load is lower and they increase their mobility over time from the kang squat.

kang squat

One of the best variations of the kang squat is to place a band behind the crook of the knees. While doing the kang squat, just focus on flexing and extending the knees. Do not let the chest go vertical. This version of the kang squat is one of the best ways to warm up the knees AND get the hamstrings firing! 


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