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Box Squats

Box Squats

Box squats make you faster? Really? Is this really accurate?

box squats

Box squats improving speed can certainly be up for debate, but let’s play devil’s advocate in favor of the box squat. If two sprinters are on the line and of equal acceleration and max velocity capability…meaning sprinter 1 and sprinter 2 BOTH accelerate the same rate and both can achieve the same maximum velocity down the track. BUT sprinter 1 is faster out of the blocks than sprinter 2. 

In comes the box squat. When sprinters drive out of the blocks, there is a period when both legs are pushing and then suddenly one leg is pushing. The rules behind the start of the sprint tell us that the athlete has to be totally motionless before the sprint begins.

One way to execute the box squat is to focus on loading the hamstrings and actually visualizing a starter while hearing a gun go off for each rep. This is where box squatting with a lighter load can lead to greater start performances. I absolutely believe other supplementary movements need to be used along with the box squat BUT the box squat can in theory help your position out of the blocks. 

Set a box squat around 12-16 inches. It is advantageous to look for joint angles similar to coming out of the blocks for sprinters. When the box squat is executed, focus on a slower eccentric box squat. Try to avoid slamming into the box. Instead, a rule of thumb is to really focus on driving the feet into the floor rapidly during the box squat, similar to sprinting down the track! Do box squats once a week for 6-8 weeks at a lighter weight to improve jumping and starting ability.


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