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Incline Bench, the Underrated Variation

Incline Bench, the Underrated Variation

Everyone wants a huge bench press. It’s usually considered the stereotypical meathead lift, but at Garage Strength, it doesn’t matter who we put on the flat bench... within two workouts, they start chasing their max. A max bench depends on your pectorals, shoulders/deltoids, triceps, and even your lats. To avoid burnout, confuse your muscles, and add some variety, start incorporating incline bench to hit all of these muscle groups in different ways.  


It’s not surprising to see bench press listed in strength plans from sport-specific coaches. It’s one of the easiest lifts to incorporate, and many coaches don’t know what else to give a leg dominant sport on upper body day. Incline bench helps target the minute muscle groups needed to increase your bench. The upper pectoral and the front deltoid are used during the bench press but are not targeted as directly as they are for incline. Targeting those supporting muscles and increasing strength and mass will boost your bench and support injury prevention in your sport.


Incline bench is the perfect lift for bodybuilding, hands down! The decrease in the load also decreases the chance of injury when you use proper form. Hitting the upper pectoralis very important for bodybuilding competitions. Strengthening and tightening the upper pectoral helps on control and flexion during a competition. It also helps build the minute muscles that are otherwise hard to target with other lifts and to increase their mass of them. Incline bench one cycle, PR bench the next!

General Public

If you just want to stay in shape, you only need to bench, squat, and deadlift, right? Just the main lifts? Nope, not exactly, the accessory/variation lifts are actually even more important if you’re a casual athlete! You’re probably lifting to stay healthy, and staying healthy means staying injury free. Incline benching is perfect because of the lighter weight, and if programming for the general population, higher reps. Just be sure to touch your chest every rep and then extend all the way. Lengthening is strengthening, and strengthening all the muscles around the rotator cuff is key because it is so easy to tear especially when you get older. Yes, you can test it every now and then and see what your max is or 2-3 rep max, but this movement is ideally used for injury prevention.

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