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A Skips and B Skips

A skips are a variation of high knees with an extra skip. The grounded foot doesn’t quite stutter but it bunnies like a knock on a door. Quick, rhythmic, and in a flow. 

Make sure when you do A skips the opposite arm and hand go up. If your left leg is up, your right arm is up. Think of it as a counterbalance for more speed. 

B skips are a variation of A skips. B skips have you extend your knee so your foot kicks out. The leg is extended after the second hop from the grounded leg. The extended leg is brought down for the next step. 

Some common mistakes when you perform A skips and B skips involve not timing the steps properly. You need to avoid having both feet on the ground at the same time. Only one foot should be on ground contact at a time. 

Another common mistake is the hands. Make sure to maintain the opposite arm and leg. You don’t want the same knee and same arm up simultaneously. Don’t look like a puppet. 

As an athlete who performs full sprints in your sport, you need to do A skips and B skips to reinforce running technique. Running technique will not only help with your drive phase and acceleration, but it will also improve your maximal mechanics for better top-end speed. 

A and B skips are a great way to start your workout. 


In this blog, we looked at the 3 basic forms of endurance-based training. We also went into depth about mitochondrial functionality. In addition, we provided four protocols that can be used today to improve overall endurance. Give it a go, let us know how it goes, and comment below!  


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