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Banded Exercises for Baseball

As a baseball player, you know how important the shoulder joint is to longevity. Not only is the shoulder joint important for longevity, but it is also tantamount to your ability to sling the baseball, pitch strikeouts, and toss out the runner from the infield or outfield. Healthy, strong shoulders lead to more time on the diamond and exceptional throwing ability.

Shoulder exercises, particularly warming up the shoulder girdle, is great for you and your baseball strength for better development on the field.

banded exercises for baseball

The first exercise you can complete is a PowerLastic banded external rotation. You want the PowerLastic band anchored. You will grab the PowerLastic band around the handles, pull the elbows back just below the shoulder, and then rotate the closed fists to the ceiling. You can make it easier by walking forward and can make it harder by walking backward. You can also change the angle by lowering or heightening the band. 

You can also make the PowerLastic banded external rotation more difficult by performing a slow eccentric. Remember when performing the movement to retract the scaps, squeeze the rhomboids, and rotate back. You can do this for 2 sets of 15 reps.

Another variation involves just standing on the Powerlastic band.

Another shoulder exercise using a PowerLastic band is a standing Powell raise. You stand with a fully extended arm across your body. Your arm is straight out and just below your chin. You want to rotate out, squeezing the rear delt and rhomboid. 

As a baseball player, the Powell raise will help you warm up the joint properly to diminish the amount of friction. Friction inside a joint diminishes impulse–meaning you can’t throw as hard. Getting rid of the friction will improve your overall power output and the force you can throw the ball.

A third exercise that is performed with a PowerLastic band involves rotating the torso to develop dynamic trunk control while holding an isometric position with the shoulders. Put yourself in a batting position and grab the PowerLastic band by the handle, rotate forward, and come back slowly. You will feel this in your obliques and shoulders. Do it for 3 sets of 7 reps on each side.

The fourth and final exercise is the most complicated movement. With a PowerLastic band, you will have your dominant hand reached behind your body. You come over the top, like throwing the ball, raise your opposing knee to a hip lock position, squeeze your abs, and then come back down. Feel your foot applying force to the ground. It will help with the finish of your throw by teaching the body to use more of your abs and lats when throwing the ball.

Do the movement on your non-dominant side. It will help create balance and more stability for greater performance on the baseball diamond. 

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